Sherman's Food Adventures: Congee Noodle Delight

Congee Noodle Delight

It goes without saying that convenience generally trumps everything else when you got the kiddies around.  Sure, their cuisine repertoire has grown in the past few years, but really, when they are hungry and tired, we are not heading to adventurous eats.  Although at the same time, I think my son is on the modified Paleo diet because all he eats is meat, but no veggies.  Hence, we ended hitting up Congee Noodle Delight since we were in the area and really had no desire to think of anything else.

From all the options on the menu, we came to a consensus that the Minced Beef Congee would be the best choice (since my son would eat it).  Well, it turned out to be a mistake as the hand-chopped beef was chewy and dry.  As for the congee itself, the broth was semi-thick and remained as such until the end.  It was very sweet though and the MSG really came through in the finish.  To pay homage to its namesake, we also got the Wonton Noodles which featured 5 large all-shrimp wontons.  Featuring large whole shrimp with a moderate amount of binding agents, the wontons were pretty good.  There was a meaty snap to the filling that was mildly seasoned with a shrimpy sweetness.  We found the noodles to be appealingly chewy while the soup could've used more salt as it was bordering on bland.

For something more substantial, we got the Curry Brisket with Rice.  This was a fairly large portion featuring onions, peppers and soft cubed potatoes.  The chunks of beef were fatty and tender where it practically melted on contact.  Although there was a noticeable spiciness, the curry itself was not very flavourful and lacked curry taste.  We also got the House Special Chow Mein that was prepared pretty much on point.  The fried noodles were crispy while the centre of the dish sported softer noodles from the sauce.  We found it to be overly mild though.  As for the ingredients, the scallops, fish and shrimp were not overcooked.  For the items that we tried, most were decent.  However, there is definitely better out there and for a lot cheaper.

The Good:
- Okay service
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Rather expensive for the area 

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Foodgressing said...

Good points, I'm thinking of coming here. I walked by and saw the dishes people were having and it appeared OK.

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