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Gaea Foods

I was approached recently to test out the services of private Chef Dimitri Georges of Gaea Foods.  Seeing how I wasn't going to be the only one testing out his wares, it seemed like a good idea to gather up everyone for one dinner at one location (which was my house).  Therefore, we saw the likes of Sean, Joyce, Grace, Amy and Diana join me for dinner.  Now before we get to the "meat" (will be ironic btw) of this post, Gaea specializes in healthier alternatives and even offers nutrition services.

We started off with the Eggplant with mint pesto and cashew cream. Thinly-sliced, while not crispy, the eggplant discs acted as the base for the canape. I found the pesto to be chunky, mild-tasting with only a hint of mint. Creamy and light, the cashew cream was aromatic and added a pleasing texture.  Next, we had the Foamy Garden Pea Soup with basil and avocado cream. Texturally, the soup was appealing with a light airiness accented by the dollop of rich avocado cream.  I felt the flavours were pretty muted, but there was a certain natural sweetness that went well with the basil.

From that, we moved onto an Arugula Salad with grapes, pistachios and tomatoes in a light vinaigrette. This was pretty straightforward and to be frank, not really something that showcased Chef Dimitri's repertoire and skill. I personally would've liked to see something cooked other than a salad that I could make myself. Onto our main dish, I was a little perplexed to find a large portion of Salmon Tartare on a bed on lentils du puy, topped with fresh micro greens. Okay, I love salmon tartare, but as a main, there was just to much of it. It was good though with buttery pieces of salmon lightly dressed with a balanced acidity. However, there were some improperly cut long pieces.

For dessert, we were served a Mini-Pumpkin Tart with a Chaga Hot Chocolate. I really liked the tart as it featured a firm and crunchy shell that was not overly sweet nor greasy. The pumpkin topping was creamy and not overly "pumpkin-tasting" while easy on the sugar. As for the hot chocolate, it was somewhat thick in consistency while easy on the sugar. There was a certain appealing aroma which could've been stronger. It fit the theme of the meal though as it didn't feel heavy nor unhealthy. Now therein lies an issue with this dinner. The food as a whole was decent and definitely healthy. If one was in the market for a healthy private chef, then Chef Dimitri is your man. In terms of wowing us, I guess he was behind the 8-ball from the start with a light and relatively nutritious meal. I applaud him for sticking true to his style and convictions, but it didn't hit any high notes personally. With that being said, he will cooked whatever a client desires, so maybe one might have a different experience depending on the type of cuisine. 

The Good:
- Healthier alternative
- Chef Dimitri does everything for you, so you don't have to

The Bad:
- Our meal was too light and healthy in my opinion which left me wanting for more

*All food and services were complimentary*    


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