Sherman's Food Adventures: Morrison's Grill

Morrison's Grill

The conveniently-located lunch spot, we all know about these places.  Purely operated on the premise that the businesses nearby will need a place for lunch when there are really not many options nearby.  Yeah, some of these places can hold people hostage because they are the only game in the area.  However, if we look hard enough, there are some gems to be found.  That was the case when Dav and I were looking for eats on Annacis Island.  Yup, there was the McD's and Tim's, but we weren't going to eat at those places.  Rather, we stopped by Morrison's Grill located in a trades school.

Without any expectations, we got some eats including the Chicken Burger with fries.  Okay, chicken burgers are as exciting as a time-share seminar, but this one was pretty good.  The soft toasted bun held up well to the ingredients.  As for the chicken itself, it was nicely seasoned while being tender and almost juicy.  Now that was a solid chicken burger, but my 701 Burger was something I didn't expect.  It featured the same toasted bun while sporting a charred beef patty that was juicy and flavourful.  Add crispy bacon and fresh produce, this was as solid as any burger I've had of late.  The crispy fries did their thing as well.

Now we couldn't just have 2 burgers and call it a meal right?  So to top it off, I ordered their Baked Lasagna for good measure.  Well, it wasn't going to give and Italian restaurants nightmares, but it was solid for what it was.  Bubbling hot with plenty of melted cheese and ground beef, it was bathed in a tangy tomato sauce.  As you can probably imagine, the food at Morrison's Grill caters to the local lunch crowd.  It succeeds in that respect and more so in my opinion.  The few items that we tried were well-prepared and a bit better than expected.

The Good:
- Surprisingly decent eats given its main purpose
- Really friendly people

The Bad:
- Not expensive, but not super cheap either
- Lack of parking, but most people would walk there

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