Sherman's Food Adventures: Lonsdale Kebab

Lonsdale Kebab

It was the start of Christmas holidays and although there were many eats planned for the next 2 weeks, I made it a point to eat out anyways.  Wait, isn't that all-the-time?  Instead of going for the default (such as White Spot), I thought the kids should eat something different.  Different like...  Persian!  Hey my son loves meat, so meat on a stick (well it was cooking) sounded as good as any other idea.  Who doesn't like meat on a stick anyways?  Right, a vegetarian and vegans...

We started things off with the Hummus accompanied by pita bread.  Chunky and a touch gritty, the hummus was pleasant enough with mild garlickiness.  We would've liked to see some more acidity, but it was not a big deal.  Texturally, I didn't mind the intermittent chunks of chickpea, but I can definitely see some people not liking it.  A minor detail would be the pita as it was rather dry.  Included with the combo for 2, we were served a House Salad that featured fresh veggies in a yogurt dressing.  Nothing much to comment other than there was nothing amiss.

As mentioned, we got the Combo for 2 which included one skewer each of chicken and beef in addition to 2 skewers of ground beef.  Although not aggressively charred, the meats were pretty good.  We especially enjoyed the saffron chicken as it was succulent and tender.  There was a background armoaticness to compliment the mild seasoning.  We found the sirloin to be either tender and moist or a bit chewy dependent on the piece.  That wasn't an issue with the ground beef as it was juicy and easy to chew.  There was a considerable hit from the sweet onions.

For myself, I had to get the Lamb Shank which was reheated by the microwave.  Not a huge problem, but some exterior parts were dried out as a result.  Inside was much better as the meat was tender and gamy just like how lamb shank should be.  It was mildly seasoned where it sat in its braising liquid that featured onions.  Although I personally prefer the nearby Zeitoon, we thought the items we tried at Lonsdale Kebab were decent with all things considered

The Good:
- Really friendly owner
- Decent

The Bad:
- Lamb was a bit chewy on the outside
- More of a takeout spot as the dining space is limited


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