Sherman's Food Adventures: Scorpio's M Dessert

Scorpio's M Dessert

You'd think after a full round of desserts at Bubble Fruity, we'd be happy and go home for the night.  Oh, no that would be playing it safe.  Not with the likes of Emily and Cathy around.  They could've continued with another round of Szechuan food (despite having 3 dinners already that night...). So we did the next best thing and made the short jaunt over to the newly relocated Scorpio M Dessert over on Alexandra Road.  Hey, with 3 dinners, we had to go for 2 desserts right?  Take that Mijune!

Walking into the place, it had a high-end, high-tea air to the place.  Service was okay, but hardly friendly.  Maybe we weren't high-end enough?  Of course we had to get the Mango Sago (Mango Sago Cream on this particular menu).  Well, this version was not good in our opinion.  Rather than a "soup", it resembled a mango slush that was rather icy.  It didn't taste naturally sweet nor mango-like.  It didn't get any better with the Mango Pancake as the mango was overripe.  The overly soft texture and flavour wasn't that appealing.  On the other hand, the crepe was tender and thin while the whip cream was lightly sweet and fresh.

Heading in a different direction, but still with mango, we tried the Mango & Grass Jelly Shaved Ice.  For me, I found the ice to be more gritty than fluffy.  Naturally, the use of the same overripe mangos meant that the pungency was overwhelming.  I did enjoy the grass jelly though.  Lastly, we had the Black Sticky Rice and Durian on Shaved Ice.  Again, I wasn't a huge fan of the gritty melting ice, but the sticky rice was okay with an appealing chewiness.  The durian was pretty pungent too, but that was to be expected.  As you can probably tell, we were a bit indifferent with the stuff at Scorpio.  I guess it went well with the indifferent service...

The Good:
- Nice digs
- Comfy to chill for a good period of time

The Bad:
- Average desserts
- Indifferent service  


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