Sherman's Food Adventures: Endolyne Joe's

Endolyne Joe's

My daughter has always loved bunnies.  She has enough bunny stuffies to last her until she needs to leave the house...  In the GVRD, that means by the time she reaches 30...  and beyond???  Anyways, it's been bunnies 24/7 since it was Easter and the fact we had just watched Zootopia.  So it was by no surprise she wanted to visit Scout and Lola while we were in Seattle.  They had taken in 2 new bunnies ever since the last 2 passed away.  We didn't object because it would be a great alternative to getting some for our own home.

Before we headed to bunny central, we met up at Endolyne Joe's for some brunch on an Easter Sunday.  I guess my daughter was too excited to see the bunnies and didn't have any appetite.  She ended up eating off Viv's 1/2 Smoke Corned Beef Hash with 2 poached eggs on top.  Sadly, this wasn't that impressive as there was more potato than corned beef.  Even with the pieces we could pick out, many were fatty and chewy.  However, the good pieces were meaty and nicely smoked.  As for the potatoes, they were soft yet retaining some bite. I had to resort to the hot sauce on the table as the flavours were too mild. The free-range eggs were perfectly runny.  My son went for the Kid's Grand Slam which consisted of one fluffy pancake, meaty bacon and fluffy egg.  He seemed to enjoy it as he dusted it off before I took a bite of mine (as I was too busy taking pictures).

For myself, I had the Cajun Country Benedict with a biscuit topped by Tasso ham, poached eggs and Tobasco Hollandaise.  As much as the biscuit was appealing and sported a crispy exterior, it was a bit doughy.  I liked the abundance of Tasso ham that was lovingly caressed by the runny eggs.  The Hollandaise wasn't particularly interesting until I got the hit of the Tobasco which added a spicy and tart flavour.  I liked the consistency as it was silky while not being too thick.  The side of crushed red potatoes were to my liking with plenty of potatoness while being crispy.  Lola went for the Pig in the Orchard Omelet stuffed with house-made pork sausage, granny smith apples, caramelized onion & white cheddar cheese.  As evidenced in the picture, the egg was still fluffy while there was ample filling that had a balance of flavours.

Scout opted for the Belgian Waffle Slam with bacon and eggs.  As much as the waffle didn't look like anything special, it was crispy and sweet with a soft chewy interior.  The bacon was meaty while the eggs were not overdone.  Another solid plate of food.  Except for the corned beef hash, all of the breakfast items were well-executed and well-portioned.  Prices were reasonable and the service was prompt.  Scout and Lola said they would gladly return.

The Good:
- Reasonable prices
- Well-portioned
- Prompt service

The Bad:
- Long waits at peak times
- Not sure about that corned beef hash  


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