Sherman's Food Adventures: Rocco's Deli

Rocco's Deli

Usually, I am pretty up-to-date on new movies and generally their story line. However, I had no clue whatsoever as to what Zootopia was about.  It was a kid movie and I vaguely remembered a trailer with animals walking upright and a bunny shooting a fox with a tranquilizer gun.  That was good enough for me as I dragged the kiddies and Viv out to Silvercity.  But it was also a great excuse to grab some quick eats prior to the movie at the nearby Rocco's Deli (and grocery store too).

After a quick scan of the display case, we settled on 3 sammies including the Roast Beef with provolone, roasted onions and horseradish.  As you can clearly see, the thinly shaved beef was house-made which meant the texture was meaty while still super tender.  The onions added a sweet sharpness to the sandwich, but the horseradish was not very apparent.  So much so, my son didn't even notice it!  For my daughter, she quickly picked out the Turkey with spinach, brie, cranberry and mayo (on cranberry bread).  This featured plenty of creamy melted brie and the tartness (and sweet hits) of the cranberries.  We found the turkey on the drier side, but the sammie ate well nonetheless.

For myself, I opted for the spicy Cappicollo with chipotle mayo, roasted red peppers, tomato, arugula and provolone (on ciabatta).  This was my favourite of the bunch as it was spicy and zesty.  There was enough filling that was impactful and varied so that all the different tastes were present.  I felt the choice of bread was spot on too being substantial enough to stand up to the ingredients while not being too dense either.  We also got a side of Penne Pasta with chicken just to change things up.  It turned out to be a bad decision.  As with any pasta that has been sitting in a chaffing tray, it was overdone and a bit hard in spots.  The sauce had been soaked up by the pasta which meant there was some flavour, but it didn't eat very nicely either.  Well, that really didn't matter as the sammies were good and the service was friendly.

The Good:
- Solid sammies
- Lotsa filling
- Reasonably-priced

The Bad:
- Didn't like the pre-prepared pasta   


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