Sherman's Food Adventures: Sauzzy Thai

Sauzzy Thai

Arriving early for my conference in Downtown Vancouver, I settled into my room at the Hotel Vancouver and immediately got the hunger pains.  Being alone and with not much time to spare before my first session, I didn't have many options other than fast food.  So on my quick stroll over to Granville Street, I noticed a food cart that merely served one dish - Pad Thai.  Furthermore, there wasn't really a name I could see on the trailer other than "Traditional Thai Cuisine".  Later on, I would discover that their actual name is Sauzzy Thai...

So with only one menu item, I ordered everything that was available including the Pad Thai with chicken and the Pad Thai with Prawns. Since the cart was run only by one lady (who was super friendly by-the-way), you'd better not be in a rush of any sort.  After a fairly long wait (for a food truck/cart), I hurried back to my room to down the food.  After mixing the ground peanuts, sugar, chili flakes, carrots and lime juice into the noodles, I found the flavours pretty sweet overall.  I would've liked to see more tang.  Texturally, the noodles were on point with an appealing chewiness while complimented by the crunchy carrots.  As you can clearly see, the prawn version was exactly the same, but with 3 prawns on top.  They were prepared properly by not being overcooked exhibiting a cold-water snap.

I also got their Thai Ice Tea which was really rich from the ample condensed milk.  In fact, it was pretty thick as a result.  I found the tea to be too sweet which overwhelmed any tea flavour that existed.  I actually couldn't finish it since my pad thai(s) were already sweet.  As much as the food was decent and the lady was super nice, I was only mildly content with the stuff I ordered at Sauzzy Thai.  Prices weren't exactly cheap either.

The Good:
- Super nice lady
- On point textures

The Bad:
- Rather sweet
- Not that cheap  


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