Sherman's Food Adventures: Best Neighbours Restaurant & Pizza House

Best Neighbours Restaurant & Pizza House

Despite being a rec softball team that has played many seasons and tourneys, I've never witnessed any teammates drinking beer...  Yes, we actually go out to play softball rather than getting smashed.  Go figure...  Well, after a game at nearby Montgomery Park, it was decided that we would not go for Asian food and yes, we were going to drink beer!  So we made the short drive over to Best Neighbours that seemed like the right place to do it (with food of course).  I guess it was since another softball team was already there grabbing a bite and beverage.

Sens Fan and Miss Y both had a few orders of Chicken Wings (flavours included Thai, Hot and Salt & Pepper).  Although the wings were rather small in size, they were not overcooked.  Therefore, the meat was fairly moist.  By the same token, the skin wasn't as rendered as I would've liked.  As for the Thai wings, they were aggressively sauced which meant they were pretty sweet with a touch of spice.  Miss Y also had the Calamari which actually appeared larger than it was.  There was more batter than actual squid.  With that being said, the calamari was decently tender while the batter was lightly crispy.  I found the tzatziki more creamy than rich, but it was definitely garlicky.

Miss Y must've been hungry since she also got the Spanakopita (which R2D2, Bear and I got an order as well).  We liked how this was prepared as a large piece rather than small little triangles.  This way, there was much more filling, making the spanakopita more flavourful and cheesy.  The large amount of spinach and cheese wasn't overly wet though and did not affect the crunchy phyllo pastry.  For that table, we got a large Pizza with half consisting of Italian sausage, hot pepperoni and capicolla and the other half with pepperoni, peppers and mushrooms.  We weren't overly enthused with the crust as it was dry and dense being almost "cardboard-like".  There was plenty of toppings and cheese though as well as a mild-tasting tomato sauce.

R2D2, Bear and I couldn't only share an appie and pizza, so we got an order of the Baked Lasagna as well.  This was loaded with melted cheese on top and just the right amount of meat sauce with the not overdone noodles.  For this type of lasagna, it was pretty good as the sauce had a nice consistency and was well-balanced in flavour as well as sporting tender nuggets of beef.  Seeing this was still not enough, we got the Platter for 2 which included Roast Lamb, Dolamades, Chicken Souvlaki, roast potato, rice, salad and pita bread.  We enjoyed the tender and fatty roast lamb which was well-marinated, yet the chicken souvlaki was a little on the drier side (but not too bad).  It was well-charred and marinated though.  When it was all said and done, we were pretty stuffed from the generous portions of decent eats.  Prices were not exactly cheap though.

The Good:
- Fairly solid eats
- Large portions
- Decent service

The Bad:
- On the pricier side
- Pizza crust could use some work    


LotusRapper said...

Go try Neighbours on Victoria Dr @ 49th and see what you think. Very similar to BN, but I'd say they're BTBN (Better Than Best Neighbours) and cheaper too ;-)

Sherman Chan said...

@LR Been there a few times before and yah, it is way better, especially the pizza.

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