Sherman's Food Adventures: Green Leaf Sushi

Green Leaf Sushi

So why did I drive all the way out to Kits from Burnaby to eat at Green Leaf Sushi?  Could it be I love driving in Vancouver traffic?  Uh no... Oh wait, it must be that Green Leaf Sushi is a trendy spot!  Nope, not that too.  In fact, it is a small neighbourhood joint that boasts no more than 10 tables total.  The real reason for this visit was very similar to that of Victoria Sushi.  Yep, the constant IG photos of their Aburi Salmon Oshi finally got to me and I just HAD to try it.

We began with the Kobacha Korroke featuring a quail egg in the middle and flavoured with a sweet and tangy sauce.  I found them to be rather small, but the execution was there.  They were crunchy on the outside that lead to a softer sweet kobacha layer.  Further in, there was a soft quail's egg that was not overdone.  Next, we tried the Prawn Tempura which was aggressively battered.  Despite this, the dish still ate rather light with a crunchy exterior giving way to buttery ebi.  I liked how each piece was not oily at all.

Neatly arranged, the Assorted Sashimi featured salmon, tuna, hamachi and tuna tataki.  I found the fish to be of good quality and well-prepared.  I particularly liked the salmon as it was firm while still buttery and sweet.  The tuna tataki was really good with a strong sesame oil taste to go along with the garlic chips.  My son is not into raw fish, so we got him the Beef Don that was loaded with meat.  I found the beef to be fairly tender in a meaty fashion.  It was flavoured with a sweet and salty thin teriyaki sauce that helped flavour the chewy rice.

Onto the main event, we were served the Salmon Oshi and the Hotate Oshi along with 2 pieces of unagi nigiri and 3 pieces of tamago nigiri.  I found the rice to be fluffy and chewy while lightly seasoned.  The salmon on top was buttery and slightly seared giving off a smokiness.  Partially melted and mildly seasoned, the mayo dressing could've been seared a bit more and less saucy.  I found the jalapeno slice a touch too thick.  As for the hotate, it was buttery and sweet.  The sear was more aggressive with this oshi. Was it as good at Miku?  Well no, but I didn't mind it.  For the rest of the food, I thought it was more than acceptable, albeit a touch on the pricier side.

The Good:
- Decent eats
- Decent service

The Bad:
- Slightly pricey
- Seating is not the more comfy  


Unknown said...

Thanks for coming by all the way down to vancouver west from burnaby and tried my menu out at Greenleaf. Of course greenleaf and victoria menu are quite similar. Ronnie built up all the aburi and Izakaya menu at Victoria not saying that simple sushi resto menu. Even name of the menu (ex mango scallop, ebi canape) and picture frame and hand writing also done by Ronnie.

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