Sherman's Food Adventures: Ritz Lunch

Ritz Lunch

Oh Langley...  So often misunderstood.  To many, Langley represents suburbia and all of the things that go along with it including big box stores, chain restaurants and of course a large number of families.  So can there actually be good food to be found out there?  You know my answer (which is yes by-the-way), but that still doesn't do a whole lot of good when people have their mind made up.  Hence, when I was invited for some food at Ritz Lunch, I knew that I had to round up some of my foodie friends and drag them out to the burbs (this time it included Sharon, Sean, Amy and Grace).

I dug into my 6 oz Prime Rib Burger first and it was good.  Not particularly fancy and certainly nothing complex, but the patty was well-charred and not dried out.  The pretzel bun was a little on the denser side though, maybe they could've used brioche?  The side of fries were on point being fried golden brown and super crispy.  This was even after all the picture-taking.  Sporting the same side of fries, the Beef Dip featured real roast beef that was tender requiring very little effort to chew.  There was enough of it to be impactful and balanced with the soft roll.  As much as the gravy on the side was flavourful and meaty, we thought a thinner au jus might've been a better match.

Okay, normally a BLT would be as exciting as a cab ride through Port Moody (this is actually a good thing as a ride through Richmond would be the opposite), but this was solid.  It featured well-toasted whole wheat bread that worked with the crispy lettuce and ripe tomato.  Of course the most important part of the sandwich was the bacon and it delivered being thick-cut, lean and crispy.  On the same note, the Turkey Club was equally good with plenty of tender breast meat accented by the same produce and bacon.  It was pretty hearty where it would feed one person well.

We also tried the Butter Chicken and it was a decent effort for a non-Indian restaurant.  Although it was cold by the time we ate it, the spices came through while there was balance between the creaminess and tomato.  The rice was dry enough to accept the sauce without getting mushy.  As much as the naan wasn't really naan due to the absence of a tandoor, it held its own being soft with a slight sear on the outside.  Lastly, I got a bowl of their Clam Chowder as well and it was full of ingredients.  It ate well as a thick soup but there could've been more brininess.  Overall, we agreed that Ritz Lunch lived up to its namesake where it serves as a better option than fast food, especially considering the reasonable prices.

*All food and beverages were complimentary*

The Good:
- Inexpensive (roughly $8.00)
- Simple, but quality-driven ingredients
- Decent portions

The Bad:
- It's not fancy, but it never means to be either     


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