Sherman's Food Adventures: Luke's Lobster

Luke's Lobster

When we looked at the options for our journey from NYC to Boston, there were the usual forms including: rental car, bus and airplane.  However, the last and least likely in our minds was Amtrak.  After comparing time, comfort and price, we settled on taking the Northeast Regional up to Boston.  It was particularly even more attractive since our hotel in NYC was a block away from Penn Station and our hotel in Boston was a short 8-minute walk from South Station.  Arriving relaxed and refreshed, we quickly made our way for some lobster rolls at Luke's Lobster.

Yes, we were aware than they have locations everywhere including NYC (where we just arrived from).  However, we saved our visit to the one in Boston on Exeter Street.  Viv and I had only one thing on our minds and yes, it was kid-friendly...  with Noah's Ark consisting one each of a Shrimp Roll, Crab Roll and Lobster Roll (split in half to share).  Within the soft and nicely toasted buttered roll, the ingredients were plentiful and well-prepared.  I found the crab to be fluffy and full of moisture (not wet though) which meant there were no dry pieces.  There was a natural sweetness as well as an appealing brininess.  As for the lobster, I got big chunks of meat that had a firm rebound while still buttery.  Again, the meat was flavorful with a bounty of sweetness and a balancing amount of saltiness.  We also got 4 Jonah Crab Claws which were sweet and bouncy in texture.

My son had the Shrimp Roll and it was bursting with filling.  Unlike the version that contains mayo and some form of veg such as celery, this was all shrimp that was buttery and fresh.  I liked natural sweetness aided by the sprinkle of seasoning on top.  My daughter had to try the Clam Chowder and it was fantastic.  Briny and full of clam juice, the broth was flavorful and sweet.  It wasn't overly creamy, yet not light either.  There was a tonne of ingredients including tender potatoes and tender clams.

I had the Lobster Bisque which was more like a chowder due to the thickness and lack of smooth texture.  It was definitely lobster-tasting while trending towards the sweeter side.  I was shocked at the amount of large lobster pieces in the bisque.  They were buttery and nicely texture despite sitting in a broth.  Okay, I realize that Luke's is a "chain" but like I've said before, chain restaurants aren't necessarily bad.  This is the perfect example.  I would have no problem visiting it over and over again in different cities.

The Good:
- Reasonable pricing
- On point seafood
- Casual and accessible

The Bad:
- Prices are definitely cheaper than others, but the rolls are a bit small (even the full-sized ones)


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