Sherman's Food Adventures: Lady M Confections

Lady M Confections

The backup plan.  The 2nd option.  How about the "if it is convenient only" we will visit spot?  Yes, Lady M Confections was definitely on our radar during our visit to NYC.  However, it wasn't anything that we had a pressing need to try, even though many have said so.  However, there we were at Rockerfeller Centre heading up to the Top of the Rock.  Low and behold, there was a location of Lady M staring right at us.  Costanza looked at me and I gave a return gaze.  A quick simultaneous nod meant we were gonna get some cake!

Of course we had to go for the standard, hence we picked up the classic Mille Crepe. It which featured tender layers that were discernible from each other.  Therefore, the cake ate as a whole, but not at the same time (if that makes any sense).  In between, the cream was light and sweet with an aromatic floral quality.  We thought the Passionfruit Mille Crepe was even better since the flavors were more impactful.  Furthermore, the tangy sweetness added a nice zing to the mild-tasting cake.  I'm not a big sweets guy, but I could've eaten a couple of these easy since they were pretty light.

The most surprising one was the Checkered Cake as it looked more novelty than actual function.  However, it was fluffy, light and only purposefully sweet with a gorgeous silky chocolate ganache on the outside.  Once again, this was ate a lot lighter than most cakes we've had. On the other hand, we didn't like the Cheesecake as much as it was dense (not the problem, I love dense cheesecake and it is NYC!) and a bit dry.  Hence, it was crumbly and stuck to the roof of my mouth.  It was also too mildly flavored as it was more floral than cheesy. Okay, it turns out that Lady M should've been elevated to a destination rather than merely an afterthought.  I need to put this on my list whenever I'm in a city that has a location.

The Good:
- Light and airy
- Sweet, but not terribly so
- Finely crafted

The Bad:
- Well, of course it ain't cheap
- Didn't like the texture of the cheesecake  


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