Sherman's Food Adventures: Momofuku Milk Bar (Midtown)

Momofuku Milk Bar (Midtown)

So our dinner at La Bonne Soupe was not exactly a touristy thing to do (as there are much more well-known spots around town), much like our lunch at Mercato the before.  However, we got right back on the tourist bandwagon and took the one block walk over to Momofuku Milk Bar located on 36th in Midtown.  Um...  We actually walked right past it since the frontage was fairly non-descript.  Lucky for us, we seemed to have hit a lull where we didn't have to wait for our treats.

We ended up trying their popular Cereal Milk Soft-Serve with crunch.  I found the ice cream to be light and creamy but incredibly sweet.  Add in the sweet crunch, it was even more sugary.  I did like the textural contrast of the cereal though.  My daughter went for the twist with chocolate chip and again, the whole thing was really sweet.  I'm not sure what the appeal is, but I've had better locally in Vancouver with many of the soft-serve spots with creamy and less sweet concoctions.  I guess it is definitely subjective as the cereal milk is very popular and well-known.  So what do I know?

We got 3 of their cookies as well including the Blueberry & Cream, Confetti and Chocolate Chip with corn flakes and marshmallow.  These were super sweet as well!  Texturally, they were chewy and soft though.  I thought the blueberry was the most bearable as it had a pleasant and impactful flavor.  The confetti could not be eaten by itself without a glass of water or milk (I guess that is how it should be eaten anyways).  Surprisingly not as sweet, the Crack Pie was buttery and aromatic.  It was heavy though and finishing a slice would be a chore.  I personally didn't prefer it, but I could see how some people would love it.  I guess that would be the same sentiment for Momofuku Milk Bar since people love the place, but not for me.

The Good:
- Creamy soft-serve
- Um...  If you have a sweet tooth, this is your place

The Bad:
- Too sweet for me
- I prefer a thicker soft-serve


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