Sherman's Food Adventures: Once in a Blue Moon Jazz & Diner

Once in a Blue Moon Jazz & Diner

There once was a diner located in North Delta that was completely hidden from plain view.  It started out at Jim Harley's Diner, but it closed and became Blast N2 The Past 50's Diner complete with some of the old decor.  I visited a few times and the food was pretty decent (mostly the burgers and fries) especially for the price.  However, it also "closed".  I put that in parenthesis because it reopened as Once in a Blue Moon with some of the same people and some of the same items.  However, there is a new owner and maybe they have influenced the menu as they now offer Korean short ribs among other items.

We stopped by for breaky one day to check it out.  The first thing that we noticed was the renos that have transformed the place into more of a lounge feel.  Also, the $4.95 Breakfast Special (weekdays only) also caught our eye.  It included 2 eggs, hashbrowns, toast and choice of meat.  This was pretty solid with crispy bacon and those potatoes were on point being crispy while soft and fluffy inside.  For myself, it's not like I didn't want to save money, but since everyone ordered that, I had something different in the French Toast breakfast.  it was almost the same thing except for the French toast.  Same great potatoes, nicely done sunny side eggs and crispy bacon.  The French toast was okay, but a bit spongy.

We returned later in the week to try some lunch items and we went back in time to Blast N2 the Past with the Full Moon Burger consisting of fried egg, grilled onions and cheese.  From what I remembered, the beef patty was a bit mealier than it was before,  Was it a one off or did it really change?  Not sure, but it wasn't dry though.  The side of fresh cut fries were exactly how I remembered being really crispy, fresh-tasting and potatoey inside.  Zamboni Guy tried their Cheesburger Wrap also with fries.  This was lower-carb alternative and had the same qualities as the aforementioned burger except in a wrap that was grilled slightly on the flattop.  

For myself, I had the Korean Shortribs with rice (to get a taste of the new menu items).  This came with the Salad Bar which was rather modest, but fresh nonetheless.  It sported a pasta salad, Greek salad, beets, potato salad and Caesar salad.  As for the shortribs, they were spot on.  Nicely charred and well-marinated, these tasted and ate like Korean shortribs found at Korean restaurants.  Not so much for the rice though as it was rushed and mushy.  I appreciated them making it right away, but it was not good.  So overall, there was some hits and misses with the food.  But the same great service and eclectic feel still remains.  Nice to see the place open again.

The Good:
- Almost everything seems to be freshly made
- Nice people
- It's got that hidden, eclectic feel 

The Bad:
- Hit and miss
- Not easy to find if you don't know where it is


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