Sherman's Food Adventures: To Dine For Eatery

To Dine For Eatery

Proclaiming you have the best of <insert food product here>, can often backfire.  Case in point, if you have ever watched the movie Elf, you will remember the "world's best cup of coffee".  That is far too much to live up to and really, food is too subjective anyways.  However, when something is truly "the best", it should be in the discussion of being the best for most people.  So imagine my curiosity all these years passing by To Dine For Eatery on Terminal staring at the "Best Burger in Town" poster?  Finally, Dr. No-Share made sure I tried the place out by meeting me for lunch.

He decided to go for the most interesting item on the menu being the PB & Bacon Burger.  Yes, this is not first time I've seen or had peanut butter in a burger, but this one was pretty balanced.  There was enough PB for some creamy nutty smoothness, but that was complimented by the crunchy and salty bacon bits.  I think the key here was that the bacon was in bits where it was impactful with a uniform crunch throughout the burger.  For myself, I went for the Holy Smokes featuring the same 6 oz. homemade patty with smoke flavour, smoked farmers sausage, cheddar and produce.  This was indeed flavourfully smoky with the nice snap of the meaty sausage all encased in a soft, properly toasted airy bun.

Viv went for the Korean Kimchi Burger which, as the name suggests, was stuffed with homemade kimchi, cheddar and produce.  I found the patty to be meaty and not too dense while being decently moist for being well-done.  It featured a nice char and was well-seasoned.  The kimchi was crunchy and tangy with a medium spice level.  Didn't think the cheese would go here, but was ultimately relegated to the background due to the kimchi.  My son ended up with a pretty basic one in the Bacon Cheeseburger that featured crispy smoked bacon and plenty of melted cheese.  This wasn't complicated, but at the same time was a satisfying burger that featured the same qualities as the others.  The side of house-cut fries were probably just as good or better than the burger being crunchy with still some potatoness left inside.

My daughter went off-the-board and had the Tuna Melt with celery and red onion mixed in with a mayo-mustard dressing and 3 cheeses on grilled French bread.  This was fairly hearty and flavourful with the crunch of the veggies.  The bread was nicely grilled where it was crunchy but not overly greasy.  Again, with the 3 cheeses, there was no mistaking that this was a melt.  Dr. No Share's daughter had the Original Korean Rice Bowl which was essentially a bibimbap consisting of spinach, carrots, pickled radish, shiitake, cucumber, nori, bean sprouts, beef and egg with hot sauce on the side.  They didn't skimp on the ingredients while the rice was nicely textured being chewy and not wet.  Yet, let's get to the point here - it is all about the burgers.  They are good and so are the fries while the price is fair.

The Good:
- Solid burgers
- Solid fries
- Solid people (friendly that is...)

The Bad:
- Not open on weekends or later in the evenings (it is a weekday lunch spot though)


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