Sherman's Food Adventures: Tsuki Sushi Bar

Tsuki Sushi Bar

Poor planning.  That would be me on a Tuesday where we were supposed to catch a movie down at International Village.  With Viv rushing home so we could make our way down there, I didn't research any restaurants to grab a quick bite before the movie started.  So out the door we went and we had to figure it out on the fly.  We ended up heading over to Tsuki Sushi Bar next to Taishoken Ramen (both are part of the same company).  The sushi bar part of the name is indicative of the menu as it mostly focuses on the raw stuff.

As such, we started with the Assorted Sashimi consisting of Sockeye salmon, albacore tuna, hamachi, hotate and tako.  This didn't look like much for $19.00, but they didn't do much to spread things out on a bigger plate (so it was more compact-looking).  As evidenced in the picture, the fish was vibrant in colour with a nice sheen.  My favourite was the salmon as it was fairly sweet with a meatiness while still tender.  The scallop was good too being sweet, slightly briny and buttery.  Next, we had the Salmon Oshi (which we had to compare to Miku since it is the gold standard).  Although it wasn't as good as Miku, the oshi was still quite good.  The rice was a touch dry, but nicely chewy while the salmon was soft and the sauce was creamy and sweet with a touch of butteriness.

For our choice of roll, we had the Tatsu Roll consisting of imitation crab, cucumber, mayo and masago with unagi & avocado on top.  This was a neatly constructed roll where the rice wasn't too heavy.  The amount of ingredients and sauce were balanced so that it didn't become a goopy mess.  It ate very much like a dragon roll except with alternating pieces with unagi and avocado.  We moved onto a hot dish with the Gindara Saikyo (garlic miso marinated sablefish).  Visually, we would've liked to see more of a sear on the outside and in reality, the piece of fish was undercooked.  For the portions that were cooked through, they were buttery and flaky.  We enjoyed how it wasn't overmarinated where the flavour of the fish came through. For the items we tried, Tsuki Sushi Bar was more than serviceable.  Not sure about the value though.

The Good:
- Food is decent
- Friendly service

The Bad:
- Prices are just a smidgen higher than most


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