Sherman's Food Adventures: Fat Cow Oyster Bar

Fat Cow Oyster Bar

Every time we visit Simon Sushi with Bluebeard and Nikita, we always make a promise that we will go next door to the Fat Cow Oyster Bar for dinner one day.  Okay, seeing how we first ate at Simon Sushi in 2009, that meant we've been aiming to try the Fat Cow for 9 years (well, the fat cow opened after that, but you get the point).  It's not like Bluebeard and Nikita haven't hit up the place before, so it was only Viv and I who have been gun shy.  So finally, after all these years, we met up for an early dinner before heading over to Colossus for a movie.

Since the place is an oyster bar, we started with a few Oysters on the half-shell (4 kushi and 4 fanny bay). These were served with a classic mignonette and a lime horseradish condiment.  All of the oysters were shucked expertly where no shell fragments were visible nor found during eating.  We found the kushis to be buttery and briny while the Fanny Bays were even better with a noted sweetness and intense brininess.  Some complimentary mini Corn Muffins hit the table along with honey butter and a spicy relish.  I found the muffins to be rather sweet while fairly moist.  With the butter and relish, these were pretty tasty.

Off to the main dishes, Viv had the Steelhead which was sous-vide, so it was incredibly moist and barely cooked-through.  It was mild-tasting though while sauced with a lemon beurre blanc.  The fava bean risotto on the bottom was rather clumpy, yet cheesy and not overdone.  Bluebeard had the FCOB Burger with a 6oz Cache Creek patty, horseradish aioli, onion jam and Butter Lettuce.  It was prepared a beautiful medium.  Hence it was juicy and succulent while still nicely charred.  The soft bun held everything together.  The fries on the side were house-cut and lightly crispy with plenty of potatoness.

Nikita and I ended up sharing the Louisiana Seafood Boil consisting of lobster, dungeness crab, clams, mussels, wild prawns, potatoes, chorizo, corn and spices. I thought the clams and plump mussels were on point while the limited amount of prawns were a touch overdone.  The same could be said about the lobster, but the fluffy crab was just right.  The potatoes were a little firm, but the corn was sweet and prepared perfectly.  I found the broth to be sweet and briny with the taste of herbs and spiciness from the seasoning.  I thought this was reasonably-priced at $42.00pp.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at the food quality and overall experience at the Fat Cow, especially out in Walnut Grove.

The Good:
- Above average eats
- Okay pricing for what you get
- Friendly service

The Bad:
- Some minor issues with the doneness of the seafood


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