Sherman's Food Adventures: Dae Ji Cutlet House (Metrotown)

Dae Ji Cutlet House (Metrotown)

Ever since our first visit to Dae Ji Cutlet House on North Road, Viv and I thought it was one of the best values in town.  Furthermore, the food as a whole was decent as well.  We never did get a chance for a revisit as there were many more newer places to eat at.  Also, the kiddies seemed to be happy with our regular visits to White Spot...  Milhouse and I did end up visiting the newer Metrotown location after hockey one night.  We only had 2 dishes, so I decided to bring the family out to try some more items.

For the kiddies, they wanted to try the Garlic Pork Cutlet served with rice, cabbage salad, macaroni and corn.  By appearance alone, the dish may not give off the impression of being spicy, but believe me, it does have a kick.  In addition to that, the plethora of garlic added another level of sharpness and aroma.  Underneath the ample amount of thick sauce, the pork cutlet was still crispy and very meaty while tender.  It wasn't succulent per se, but hardly dry either.  Viv and I added the Curry Pork Cutlet as well and it was more or less the same except for the sauce (of course).  It was also fairly spicy, but a little less than the garlic.  There was definitely curry flavour as well as being well-seasoned.

When the Kimchi Fried Rice hit the table, we were rather taken aback at the portion size.  It was much larger than the picture on the menu.  We felt it was pretty good with chewy rice which was completely seasoned by the ample kimchi.  It was a balanced spicy where there was equal parts of tang, sweetness, spice and savouriness.  We also enjoyed the fact there was a limited amount of grease too.  If we thought the rice was large, the Sweet and Spicy Chicken trumped that.  It was monstrous sporting large chunks of succulent chicken in a fairly thick batter.  I would've preferred a thinner coating since it made each piece a bit heavy to eat. The sauce was mildly spicy, sweet and tangy, but there was too much of it. I've had much better versions of this before.

On my initial visit with Milhouse, I had the Hamburger Steak with all the same accompaniments.   Much like the first time we had it in Coquitlam, this was a substantial amount of meat.  It was moist and well-seasoned.  The gravy was on the sweeter side, but that was balanced off by the drizzle of hot sauce and the savouriness of the meat.  Overall, the food at Dae Ji isn't mind-blowing nor should it be expected to blow anyone's mind.  What they offer up is solid cutlets with a variety of sauces at a reasonable price.

The Good:
- Decent eats
- Well-priced cutlets
- Open late

The Bad:
- The spicy chicken was expensive and average


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