Sherman's Food Adventures: Simon Sushi

Simon Sushi

Way back in 2009, Bluebeard and I went to the local sushi joint near Colossus called Simon Sushi.  I remember it was rather lonely being the sole tenant of a new commercial complex.  It was decent, albeit being takeout, it wasn't the true restaurant experience.  We have made a few subsequent visits for takeout since (even after the ownership change).  Finally, we decided to actually eat at the place partly because all of the kiddies were old enough to enjoy the experience.  Even though it is no longer on its own little island with Fat Cow being located next door, the proposed multistory building is still not built (since 2009).

We ended up starting with the Assorted Tempura featuring a few rarer items such as asparagus and green bean, to go with the usual sweet potato and golden squash.  Although the batter was rather aggressive and somewhat thick, the tempura ate well with a crunchy exterior.  It was not too greasy and didn't soften as it sat on the plate.  The veggies were cooked nicely while the ebi was cold-water buttery.  I wasn't intending on ordering the Sweet and Spicy Chicken, but Bluebeard wanted to try it out (usually he can't have it since Nikita has a gluten-allergy).  It was so-so in my books as the chicken was a bit small in size and a bit dry.  The sauce was more sweet than spicy.  Moreover, there was too much of it.

As a filler of sorts, I got the Chicken Yakisoba which arrived in a sizzling teppan.  It was pretty saucy and greasy though which was both positive and negative.  I liked how it wasn't clumpy and that there was plenty of sweet tanginess.  However, it ate very wet and negated some of the caramelization as a result.  The noodles were al dente though and the chicken was somewhere between dry and moist.  My son is all about the Nigiri these days and decided on tomago, unagi, smoked salmon, Atlantic salmon and tuna.  They were a bit on the smaller side but at least the ratio of rice was spot on.  The rice itself was nicely chewy if not a touch too moist.  The fish on top was decent, yet the tuna was a touch too soft.  We would've liked to see a bigger piece of unagi as well.

We decided on the Deluxe Assorted Sashimi and it was a little disappointing in size for the price.  If you look closely at the picture, compare the sauce plate to the plate of sushi.  So it wasn't as big as it appeared.  I get it that quantity is often a poor judge of quality when it comes to sashimi (see Samurai Sushi).  However, even with the decent quality of the fish, it just didn't seem to be enough.  In fact, I left pretty hungry as a result.  Whatever the case, the sashimi was still good though.  Overall, Simon Sushi did what it has always done for us - provide predictable eats with a friendly touch.  Definitely more of a neighbourhood joint rather than something one needs to make a special trip out to.

The Good:
- Friendly people
- Respectable sushi and sashimi

The Bad:
- Portion sizes are on the smaller side
- Prices are a little high for this type of restaurant


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