Sherman's Food Adventures: Pêche Seafood Grill

Pêche Seafood Grill

By the 4th day in New Orleans, we were already into a full food coma.  Viv was beginning to really feel it and didn't want to eat anymore.  However, she toughed it out like a champ by matching me bite-for-bite.  After going for some po' boys at Parkway for a late lunch, we were still rather full when we had to fulfill our dinner reservation at Pêche Seafood Grill.  I sold Viv on the place as a perfect solution to the heavy eating so far.  I strategically made the reservation for our 2nd-to-last day for a place that puts an emphasis on seafood, in particular, fish.

For our first appetizer, we didn't start with fish though.  Rather, we had the Steak Tartare with oyster aioli.  This was served atop crunchy toast that was nutty and smoky.  The beef was buttery and tender while sauced in a briny creamy aioli.  The crunch from the celery not only added the necessary texture, it also provided a brightness to counteract the richness.  The sprinkle of spice on top was noticeable with each bite but wasn't over-the-top.  We could've used a bit more acidity though.  We both thought the Crab & Jalapeno Capellini was utterly delicious.  It sported buttery noodles and almost an equal amount of sweet fluffy crab.  This in itself added a natural essence that was intoxicating that didn't need too much other seasoning.  There was a balancing sweetness as well as aromatics from fresh basil and onions.

For her main, Viv had the Baked Drum with saffron and tomato.  Unlike the one we had at Emeril's, this version was more subtle.  It featured moist and flaky drum that was beautifully seared and seasoned.  The sauce was very acidic and tangy where the spice level didn't overwhelm the fish.  Due to the strong sauce, we thought the saffron was not impactful.  On the other hand, the sweet and buttery peas were really good and offered up a interlude from the tanginess.  However, the well-charred bread (which stood up well to the sauce) was a nice vessel to dip with.  I decided on the Jumbo Shrimp with chili glaze and butter beans.  The shrimp were meaty and sweet with a strong natural flavor.  The sauce was tart and well-seasoned with a balanced spiciness.  I was addicted to the sweet pop of the charred corn, spice from the peppers and the smokiness of the bacon.  As for the butter bean cake, it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside (but not overly dense).

We also got a side of Field Pea Salad with cucumber & chilis for good measure.  This was made with black-eyed peas that were firm, yet still completely tender.  They were dressed in a tangy vinaigrette that was light and creamy.  The crunch of the cucumbers and red onions kept things bright and fresh.  For dessert, we shared the Blackberry Layer Cake with lime cream cheese.  This was dense, but not overly sweet.  Lime essence was mild, but still present.  There was quite a bit of blackberry seeds which was not appealing, but nothing you can do due to the fruit.  Loved the side of honeycomb as it was crispy and sweet.  Overall, we enjoyed our meal at Pêche as it offered more seafood options as well.

The Good:
- Nice flavours
- Well executed proteins
- Friendly service

The Bad:
- Can get pricey if you order more since the portions are not very big


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