Sherman's Food Adventures: The Fresh Window @ Drew's Catering & Events

The Fresh Window @ Drew's Catering & Events

Here we are with another challenge from Vanfoodster.  This time around, it is the Burger Challenge and I did a fist pump when I found out that I was selected as a judge.  Yes, I love burgers and this was going to be fun unlike say... a salad challenge (ew...).   For my first stop, I decided to hit up The Fresh Window @ Drew's Catering & Events (picture from their Facebook site) down at the foot of Granville Street in Vancouver.  Located almost underneath the Arthur Laing Bridge, Drew's Catering offers up a take-out window in addition to their usual catering services.  This is purely a take out operation, but for the purposes of this challenge, we got to sit down and eat.

Miss Y joined me this time around and we got right down to it with their entry into the challenge being the Burger Noir all neatly contained in a custom box.  It featured a striking black brioche bun with 24-hour braised beef short rib, savoy cabbage coleslaw, horseradish aioli and shoestring potato.  Having the benefit of a solid piece of beef, the burger ate more meaty (as in chewier in a good way).  The short rib was super tender though, but not mushy.  It exhibited depth-of-flavour while the crunchy coleslaw added texture and creaminess.  The same could be said about the crispy shoestring potato as the crunch was of a different type, but very welcomed.  All of this was well-contained by the soft bun that barely held everything in.

We also tried the Smoked Brisket Rueben featuring Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, smoked Russian dressing and grilled kale on rye.  This wasn't much to look at, but ate very well.  The rye was robust, yet not dense and lightly crunchy.  Inside, the smoked brisket was flavourful and super succulent.  The sauerkraut provided enough tang and crunchiness where I thought the kale was pickled.  The nicely melted Swiss cheese helped bind everything together while there was just enough dressing that things stayed moist but not mushy.

Our last item was the DC Poke Salad sporting blackened Albacore tuna, organic greens, avocado, tomato, marinated artichokes, roasted corn, pea shoots, edamame, boiled egg and sesame miso dressing.  So by virtue of being a salad, this ate very light and was refreshing.  The dressing was nicely tangy and bright while the ingredients were fresh and on point.  For instance, the boiled egg was perfect, being fully cooked through without any off-putting dark rings.  We wished the tuna served rare though.  Overall, we thought the food was pretty solid and definitely freshly made, just like their name implies.

*All food was complimentary*

The Good:
- Solid eats
- Decently-priced
- Fresh

The Bad:
- Purely takeout, so not really any seating


tony said...

can you post us a menu? i'm eager to try that burger or the pork sammich you had but i'd like to see a menu with some prices before hand. :) thanks

tony said...

neverrrrr mind i found it. It's on one of your arch rival's foodie blog. :)

Sherman Chan said...

@Tony Sorry, was very busy and out of town. Hanson? He's not an arch-rival. LOL. Great guy! :)

tony said...

yah i know, im joking. I just like to imagine food bloggers having arch villains . ''Curse you Bat-Hanson!'ill destroy you and your food writing skills!''.

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