Sherman's Food Adventures: Bistro @ Hopcott Meats

Bistro @ Hopcott Meats

My second stop on the Burger Challenge took me to Hopcott Premium Meats.  It was a bit further out than the rest of the competition in Pitt Meadows.  If you know me, going out to Pitt Meadows is not considered "far".  In fact, it is a personal goal of mine to find tasty eats in the burbs and beyond.   Now the Bistro at Hopcott Premium Meats isn't your typical restaurant since it is an extension of the market where it really is farm to table cooking.  I brought the family out to try the burger as well as some of their other offerings.

Getting right to it, we had Farmer Bob's Burger made with a Hopcott prime rib patty, panko crusted jalapeno peppers, lettuce, tomato, cheddar & Monterey Jack cheeses, honey chipotle sauce and pickle on a pretzel bun.  From the first bite, the tang and spice from the crispy jalapenos announced themselves as well as the impactful cheeses.  The bun was firm enough to hold everything in without being dense.  I thought the well-charred patty was meaty, flavourful and lean.  Hence, it wasn't juicy per se, but hardly dry either.  Featuring the same pretzel bun, the Pulled Beef Sandwich was pretty solid as well.  The beef itself was more like in chunks rather than being pulled, which was actually a good thing.  The meaty pieces were tender and well-seasoned while not over-sauced.  Combined with the crunchy coleslaw, this was a hearty sandwich.  On the side, the Poutine featured double-cooked fresh cut fries that were bathed in a silky gravy accompanied by legit cheese curds.

I'm pretty sure the au jus for the Beef Dip was either a variation of that gravy or the same as it tasted pretty similar (again, it was a good thing that it was).  It was silky, meaty and not overly salty.  Loved how it clung onto the toasted and crispy ciabatta bread rather than merely soaking in.  Inside, the rotisserie beef (that was cooking right in front of our eyes) was tender, meaty and well-seasoned.  On the side, I upgraded to Chili Fries topped with cheddar, green onion and sour cream (served on the side).  Again, the fries were fresh cut and fairly crispy.  I found the chili to be meaty and mild.  With another great transition, my daughter had the soup and sammie combo with a bowl of the same Chili.  It was chock full of tender ground beef with only a smattering of beans and veggies.  It was nicely mild which suited her fine.  On the side, she had a half Turkey Cranberry Panini.  She enjoyed the bread as well as the tender turkey, but there could've more more turkey.  But really, that is nitpicking because the rest of the eats were quite good and of course, freshly made.  Can't get any better than that.

*All food was complimentary*

The Good:
- Farm-to-table fresh
- Solid eats
- Love the setting

The Bad:
- Not really a bad, but is far for people who are not in the Tri-Cities area.  I decided to shop there, so I guess that could be a good reason to go.


LotusRapper said...

That building reminds me a bit of the Great Wolf Lodge

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