Sherman's Food Adventures: Midam Cafe (Richmond)

Midam Cafe (Richmond)

Hot off the heals of our meal at Dolpan Korean BBQ, we decided on doing it all over again at nearby Midam Cafe.  Well, it wasn't really right away, more like a month in between meals.  Even though there has been a Midam out in Coquitlam for many years, I've never had a chance to visit the place.  They are known for their house-made rice cakes in addition to several other Korean specialties including dessert.  Once again, I was almost side-swiped by some lady in the parking lot a la Richmond style...  Ah, the sacrifices for eating in the heart of traffic hell...

Onto the food, we ended up ordering the Pan-Fried Fresh Pork Belly served with tofu, egg and stir-fried kimchi.  This was quite good with nicely seared pieces of pork belly that were meaty while still tender.  I liked how the ratio of fat and meat was almost 50/50 which meant each piece was easily edible.  It went well with the usual spicy bean sauce on the side.  I wasn't fond of the stir fried kimchi though as it was more like 90% white onion.  Another enjoyable dish was the Deep Fried Sweet & Spicy Boneless Chicken.  Each nugget was massive in size and lightly breaded.  Beyond the lightly crispy exterior, the meat was succulent and supremely juicy.  I thought the dish was more sweet than spicy though.

Next up was the Stir-Fried Spicy Chicken in the recently popular (in Vancouver that is) UFO grill (with corn, egg and cheese).   As much as it costs $35.00, there was plenty of food in the deep cast iron grill.  The chicken was tender and moist while mildly spicy.  I loved the soft rice cake that had a pleasant chew and mouth feel.  The whole thing went well with a bowl of white rice as there was lots of savoury sweet spiciness.  

For dessert, we shared the classic Rice Cake Waffle drizzled with syrup.  This was warm and soft with only a minor amount of crispiness.  Compared to the ones I had at Saemaul, these were more like the typical rice cake texture (rather than being crunchy).  Our second dessert was the Black Sesame Shaved Ice and there was no mistaking it by appearance and taste.  It was on the sweeter side, but the aroma really came through.  The ice was a bit melted, but was fairly light and fluffy.  So based on the items we had, our experience at Midam was quite good.  They really do a good job with their signature item in savoury and sweet applications.

The Good:
- Rice cake on point in texture
- Fairly diverse options including dessert
- Funky atmosphere

The Bad:
- A little pricey
- Parking lot for this location is insufficient


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