Sherman's Food Adventures: Yolk's (Hastings)

Yolk's (Hastings)

I've been fan of Yolk's ever since they first started out as a food truck parked near Dunsmuir and Beatty.  The combination of perfectly poached eggs (better be with a name like Yolks) and their signature lemon truffle potatoes was a nice brunch treat.  They were so successful, they opened a B&M store at the ol' Brave Bull location.  Loved how I could eat their food in a restaurant environment since runny eggs and food truck usually means a complete mess.  They didn't do much to reno the place, hence it looked run down and the washrooms were forgettable.  However, they opened a clean and modern 2nd location at the ol' Sliders on Broadway.  Finally, they have moved their original store down the block to brand spankin' new digs.  I met up with Steph to check the place out.

We started the festivities with the Smoked Salmon atop lemon truffle potatoes.  This was typical Yolks with a perfectly poached runny egg where the whites were still tender (not rubbery), yet still cooked through.  On top, the creamy Hollandaise was well-seasoned being buttery with a touch of acidity.  We would've preferred the potatoes to be more crispy, but they were still tasty with a nice balance between the Earthy truffle and zing from the lemon.  Our second plate consisted of the daily feature being Jerk Chicken atop corn bread.  Once again, the egg and Hollandaise were on point while the chicken was fairly tender.  It was somewhat spicy where it could've been amped up a bit more.  Unfortunately, the corn bread was underdone, so it was mushy and not very appealing.

For our 3rd item, we shared the Chicken and Waffles that I had last time I was at Yolks.  This time around, I thought it was executed better with crispy breaded chicken that was moist and succulent.  The waffles could've been a bit crispier, but they were still light and fluffy.   On the side, there was a good helping of maple syrup.  This was a nice transition to our order of Beignets dusted with powdered sugar.  I found these light and airy while not being overly greasy.  Unlike the ones I've had in New Orleans, these were less chewy, which I personally prefer.  Cornbread withstanding, the brunch at the new location of Yolk's was better than the last time I had it.  Prices are slowly creeping up though.

The Good:
- Perfectly poached eggs
- Clean new digs

The Bad:
- Pricey
- That cornbread was terrible


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