Sherman's Food Adventures: Trafiq


Bear has the biggest sweet tooth.  He can munch on dessert after he has already had dessert.  Yes, second dessert!  I guess it consistent with Winnie-the-Pooh and his honey obsession right?  Therefore, he usually influences my savoury-tooth into becoming a sweet-tooth, even if is only for the briefest of moments.  So when we had to meet up, he suggested that we should head over to Trafiq.  Good idea since I've never been to the place and all I've heard is good things about their wonderful cakes.

Bear insisted I try the Chocolate Cake (which I've had before since he brought it to a party once but I totally forgot) and it was one of the best I've had in a long time.  Despite its appearance, the cake was not overly sweet.  Rather the play between the dark chocolate cake and the creamier chocolate cream created layers of discernible flavours.  The best part was the texture as it was moist (but not wet) while the cream was light.  I also gave the Salted Caramel a shot and it was much sweeter than the chocolate cake.  However, it was purposefully sweet with a caramel smokiness accented by the slight bite of salt.  Once again, the cake was airy and light while the cream was even lighter.

For myself, the Zen (yuzu matcha) caught my eye with its beautiful shade of greens.  Unlike many matcha cakes I've tried, this one put the matcha far into the background.  I could definitely taste it, but the bitterness and typically strong flavour gave way to the floral and bright yuzu.  It ate almost like a fruity cake rather than one that had matcha in it.  Nicely balanced and textures were on point once again.

I got a couple of items to go including their Walnut Coffee Cake with butter streusel.  Seemingly standard and not interesting, the coffee cake was super moist and fluffy (while not being wet).  The sweet topping was a bit smoky from the caramelization.  I appreciated the extra internal layer in the middle that balanced out the sweetness.  On the topic of sweet, the Amazing Schnecken was a truly tasty sticky bun.  Although it looked to be off-the-charts sweet, it really wasn't.  Of course it was still sweet, but purposeful.  Again, there was a caramel smokiness and butteriness.  The bun itself was soft and light.

The last item was the Chunky Monkey (croissant bread pudding with chocolate and banana).  As suggested by Bear, I nuked this and it came out perfect.  Custardy and definitely aromatic from the bananas, this was also just sweet enough.  Loved the dark chocolate topping.  However, I can see some people might not enjoy the dense texture.  However, I personally thought most of the items were on point and in fact, some of the best in the city.  Definitely a solid choice for cakes, for a slice or even the whole darn thing.

The Good:
- Attractive and on point cakes
- Purposefully sweet

The Bad:
- Pastries are okay, but cakes are better
- Seating is limited and tight


Unknown said...

Oooo I'm so jealous! That matcha cake looks great, I will have to try it some day. We've ordered their whole cakes before and have never been disappointed. Thanks for the review!
--"sweet tooth"

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