Sherman's Food Adventures: Hundy


When I first visited Their There, I was perplexed why a big empty space was hidden behind a wall across from the front counter.  I figured it was storage or something.  Alas, it was a secret room of sorts.  This was part of the master plan by the people from AnnaLena!  Bakery and cafe by day and pop-up burger shop by night.  Walking into the "secret" room, it revealed booth seating, a flat screen TV, a Street Fighter arcade game and in bright white neon, "Hundy".  This is the name of the spot that takes over Their There from 5:30pm onwards on Thursday thru Sunday.  After the opening month's rush, I decided it was time to include it in a food adventure.

To get a taste of the simple menu, we got both the Bacon Cheeseburger and Fried Chicken Sandwich.  Yes, they weren't cheap at $12.00 and $11.00 each, but believe me, they were plenty large and filling.  For the cheeseburger, the meaty and lean patty was moist and the same diameter as the brioche bun.  Unlike some other versions, this bun was robust enough to hold everything together without being too dense or dry.  The bacon was perfectly prepared being lean and crispy.  The best part for me was the taste of the meat as it was pronounced and full of umami.  As for the chicken sandwich, it was better than the last time I had it during their lunch hour menu (at Their There).  The large chicken breast was moist and tender with a crunchy coating that was well-spiced.  The crisp lettuce and spice from the aioli were really nice compliments to the chicken and bun.

For sides, we went with an order of Fries as well as the Kimchi Poutine.  A little dark in colour, the fries were quite good.  Lots of nuttiness from the aggressive fry job, the fries themselves were crispy with a soft potato centre.  Even after our incessant picture taking, the fries were still good.  As for the kimchi poutine, I was rather indifferent.  It consisted of the same excellent fries with a tasty gravy that was thick enough, but the kimchi wasn't really a good match for some reason.  Maybe if it was spicier, it would've been more impactful.  Other than that, the cheese curds were legit and squeaky.  Poutine withstanding, everything else was enjoyable and prepared properly.  Some good stuff at Hundy.

The Good:
- On point burgers
- Equally good fries
- It's got that secret, not-so-secret thing going on

The Bad:
- Priced on the higher end
- Kimchi could use some work


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