Sherman's Food Adventures: Smoke and Bones BBQ

Smoke and Bones BBQ

Ever since Smoke and Bones BBQ was only a food cart and catering company, I've always wanted to try it.  However, it just became another place on my list that I just never got to.  Could it be that my trip to Texas that has spoiled me for BBQ?  Not sure, but even with the opening of their actual B&M restaurant on Marine Drive (in the old Hurricane Grill location) didn't elicit a visit.  Finally, we made plans to visit the place after late-night hockey on Friday at North Shore Ice Sports.  Unfortunately, they ran out of ribs the first time and that just meant we had to make 2 consecutive visits!

On our first go around, we decided to try their BBQ Brisket Chili with a blend of smoked brisket and sausage, beans and spices.  This was super hearty and thick where the smokiness of the brisket really coming through.  We didn't think the chili was particularly spicy, but it did have layers of flavour which were balanced.  Not that it wasn't heavy enough already, but they dumped a considerable amount of melted cheese on top as well.  The most surprising item we had was the Smokehouse Pulled Pork Nachos layered with melted cheese, roasted corn, black beans, jalapenos and green onion.  The ample amount of tender pulled pork made this hearty and noticeably smoky.  They weren't kidding about the layering as each tortilla chip yielded a bite of something.  One of the best nachos I've had in town recently.

Onto the main event, we got the BBQ Platter featuring pulled pork, chicken, sausage, double order of beef brisket (ran out of ribs), coleslaw, fries, corn bread, pit beans, hot potato salad, pickles and white bread.  Being that we were practically there at last call, some of the brisket was on the drier side.  However, it was still good with a smoky bark that gave way to fatty meat.  The pulled pork was just as good as in the nachos while the sausage was tender and smoky with a beautiful snap casing.  Chicken wasn't as dry as it appeared and had well-rendered skin.  I thought the sides were excellent where the fries were crispy with a fluffy centre.  The hot potato salad was killer featuring fried potatoes tossed in sour cream, bacon, corn and green onion.

On our return visit, we had the nachos again (so good!) and also tried their BBQ Pit Wings with sauce on the side including buffalo hot sauce, sweet and spicy glaze and ranch dressing.  These were really large and executed flawlessly.  The skin was well-rendered while the meat was juicy and moist.  They ate well all by themselves, but the dips further enhanced them.  Loved the hot sauce mixed with the dressing.  Since we didn't get ribs the first time, we got a full rack of Pork Back Ribs with fries, cornbread, beans and colesalw.  Charred and smoky, the ribs also featured a beautiful bark.  The ribs themselves were fall-off-the-bone tender, but at the same time retaining enough meatiness.   There was a significant char on the outside creating an even smokier caramelization.  With a heavy BBQ sauce glaze, there was plenty of moisture and tangy sweetness.  From these 2 visits, we convinced that Smoke and Bones is one of the better BBQs in town.  We will be back from some nachos real soon!

The Good:
- Legit BBQ
- Sides are also quite good
- Other items on the menu like the nachos and wings are well-executed

The Bad:
- Like any BBQ, better get the meats at the optimum time (not late like we did)


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