Sherman's Food Adventures: 85°C Bakery Cafe

85°C Bakery Cafe

Imagine that.  Fresh off eating dinner at Harbor Buffet, I was already regretting not eating enough.  Yes, I was trying to be conservative and eat about 90%, but that ended up biting me in the butt because I was hungry less than an hour later!  We threw out some ideas, like going to McD's or Chick-fil-A.  However, as we were pulling out of the parking lot (where Viv was shopping at), we stopped right in our tracks.  85°C Bakery Cafe!  Let's go there instead!  This was perfect, as we could pick up some pastries for next day's breakfast as well.

Of course one of first items we chose were the 85°C Egg Tarts.  Boy these were buttery.  When I say buttery, I mean like you can see, taste and have a complete mouth feel for it after taking one bite of the flaky and crispy tart shell.  Although to some this might be a bit too much, I liked it.  It was decadently sinful, but nutty and aromatic.  There seemed to be more tart shell than filling though.  I found that filling to be silky soft and light.  It was sweet, but appealingly so.  One of my favourite items was the simple Brioche Loaf.  Think of it as most other Asian bakery's "Mexico Bun".  The sweet topping on this one was actually rather mild-tasting and lightly sweet.  What really made this stand out was the bun quality as it was soft with an appealing elasticity.  There was a moistness to the bread without being wet which meant it was airy, but not dry either.   What is essentially a pineapple bun, the Boroh Cream Danish featured a firmly crispy sugar topping giving way to a sweet cream center.  

Since we were a bit peckish, we chose a few savoury items including the Cheese Dog and Bacon & Cheese Bun.  Once again, the best part of both was the bun quality as it was soft with an equal amount of elasticity.  Hence, there was good mouth feel with each chew that was moist, not dry.  Being topped with a considerable amount of cheese, the cheese dog was flavourful and nutty.  Of course with a wiener in the middle, this ate like a hot dog.  As for the bacon bun, it was also quite flavourful with the fairly lean bacon on top being salty and meaty.  One of more surprising buns was the simplest of all in the Garlic Cheese Bread.  This was truly garlicky and full-flavoured.  Plenty of cheese on top of the same quality bun.   Continuing with soft buns...  The Raisin Milk Butter was not as sweet as it sounded.  Of course, the best part was the bun again.  This was true for all of the pastries and buns we had.  Moreover, the slight twist on all of the Asian buns made for something rather interesting as well.

The Good:
- Excellent bun quality
- Familiar Asian buns, but different at the same time
- Lots of choice

The Bad:
- A little pricey


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