Sherman's Food Adventures: Fufú Café

Fufú Café

I think it goes without saying that I tend to repeat myself here over and over again (I think I just did that... LOL).  There is a very good reason for that though.  You see, Vancouver (not unlike many other cities) is very much susceptible to fads.  Now I'm not implying that all of these fads eventually end, I'm just saying that when something becomes popular in Vancouver (albeit like 10 years too late), there are many copycats and in no time, we find a saturation of the marketplace.  Right now, we are witnessing the infancy of the souffle pancake craze.  In addition to certain dessert spots and the Richmond Night Market, we are seeing independent stores open up as well as the grandaddy of them all in Gram.  After our meal at Bodgea, we went to the newish Fufú Café to sample their souffle pancakes. 

We hit them up just before closing and managed to snag 3 versions including the Classic Souffle Pancake with butter, maple syrup and icing sugar.  Since I just recently tried Gram as well as the version served at Sweet Honey I had some form of comparison.  The pancakes at Fufú were more like the one from Sweet Honey being soft, fluffy and airy.  I would say they were a bit firmer than Sweet Honey though.  Gram, on the other hand was stiffer and much more aromatic in flavour.  I quite liked the pancake here and that was a great start.  We did have to use much of the syrup as the pancakes themselves weren't very sweet.  We also ended up trying the Mixed Fruit Souffle Pancake which was essentially the same as the classic except with the addition of grapes and strawberries.  I'm not sure where they sourced their fruit from since they were ripe and freshly textured.

Our last order was the Tiramisu Souffle Pancake where it was remarkably different than the other two so far.  We weren't sure if we liked this or not.  I mean we did enjoy the pancakes themselves and the combination of mascarpone cheese whipped cream, espresso sauce, almond chunks, dark chocolate curls, cocoa powder and espresso flake ice cream provided lots to the senses.  However, it wasn't as impactful as it looked and sounded.  On the other hand, it wasn't offensive and there were the elements of tiramisu.  So let's just say this will be judged in the taste of the eater.  Overall, we thought
Fufú was good, but not great.  Still worth checking out.

The Good:
- Fluffy souffle pancakes
- Interesting flavours
- Decent service

The Bad:
- Not many seats
- Wait is long (but I guess they make it to order)


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