Sherman's Food Adventures: Tsujiri


There are several things in life that I totally despise.  These include really inconsiderate people and lineups.  Imagine the personal hell of being in a lineup WITH inconsiderate people.  The horror!  Well, that was mostly the reason I skipped visiting Tsujiri when it first opened.  Yes, I know that there are online reservations, but all the good times were usually snapped up pretty quickly. Hence, I completely ignored the place and went about my usual business.  It wasn't until Nora and Joyce suggested we meet there for dinner one night that I finally got to try it out. 

Having designs on dessert after dinner, we decided to eat light (we are not all Mijunes you know...).  This was exemplified by the Nishin Soba featuring cha-soba topped with herring and sitting in a clean broth with bonito flake, kelp, soy sauce and yuzu.  Subtle and refreshing the yuzu was only in the background (unlike the broth at Afuri).  With the herring being cooked in sweet soy, that naturally added some impact to the otherwise mild dish.  Even lighter-tasting, the Ebiten Udon sported a kombu bonito dashi broth with 2 large ebi tempura.  Loved the udon noodles as they were slippery and slightly chewy.  Broth was indeed light, but it was also pleasant and went well with the noodles.  Although half of the ebi tempura was soggy, the rest was crispy with a meaty prawn inside.

The prettiest looking plate was the Salmon Dashi Chazuke featuring tamago, ume, sesame kombu, dashi broth, rice cracker, green onion, wasabi, salmon sashimi and soba roll.  This was fun with all the various things around the perfectly cooked bowl of chewy rice.  When mixed together with the dashi, it was also very pleasant.  Lots of different textures and mild ingredients (except for the wasabi).  Despite having dessert plans after dinner, I had to try something sweet here because it would've been wrong otherwise.  I ended up choosing the O-Matcha Shaved Ice with sweet red bean, mochi and matcha soft-serve.  I thought this was really good even though the ice was a bit too chunky for me.  The ice cream was smooth with a balanced bitterness from the matcha while being just sweet enough.  Classic combination with the red bean.  Overall, I thought the food was fine, albeit not very filling.  It was unfortunate I didn't get to try many more desserts (that's what they are known for).  But I wasn't with Mijune though...

The Good:
- Okay pricing in my opinion at least
- Carefully prepared items
- Decent service

The Bad:
- Portion size wasn't bad per se, but since the dishes were light, it wasn't filling
- Service was decent, but hard to get it when you needed it


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