Sherman's Food Adventures: Sweet Honey Dessert (Burnaby)

Sweet Honey Dessert (Burnaby)

Sometimes, I really wonder if we can trust internet ratings when it comes to restaurants.  Sure, it can be a framework of some kind so we can get a sense if the place is at least worth visiting.  Yet, I've been to many spots that have 3/5 ratings (or even lower) and came away questioning the low score.  To be specific, in my experience this usually happens with Asian spots.  Maybe it really depends on who is rating the place and more importantly, what is it being rated on?  Many times, the low score is due to bad service and/or lack of cleanliness.  Not too long ago, I had a pretty good experience at Sweet Honey Dessert in Richmond and it was not reflective of their low rating.  So when a new location opened up in Burnaby, I gladly hit them up twice in a short period of time.

Now one of the reasons they might score low is that their Puppy Ice Cream plain sucks.  Yes, it is one of the cutest things out there, but the ice cream doesn't melt.  There is truly too much in the way of stabilizers and non-dairy ingredients for it to be good.  To top it all off, it didn't even taste like anything but sweet.  I think it is supposed to be mango???  Whatever the case, we didn't order this at the Burnaby location and I'm only including this as reference for those who are considering shelling out $12.00 for it.  What they are actually good at is their Souffle Pancakes.  Yes, there are other spots that specialize in it, but I find the ones here very good.  Light and fluffy while only semi-sweet, these were consistent both times I've tried it.  This time around mango and yes it wasn't really the season for it, but the imported ones they did serve were decent.

The 2 times I've been at this location, I've ordered the Coconut Milk Sago with Grass Jelly.  Simple, but satisfying the broth was semi-sweet and aromatic from the coconut milk.  Little bits of texture were thanks to the tapioca pearls.  A hit of appealing bitterness emanated from the cubes of grass jelly.  Some people wonder what makes one version better than another (since there are many places that serve these types of dessert)?  With so little variation in ingredients, there are no huge swings in quality. I digress.  One of my favourite Chinese desserts at these type of establishments is the Mango Sago.  This one was respectable with a mildly-sweet "soup" with the usual tapioca pearls, chunks of mango and pomelo.  Refreshing and light where the mango was decently tangy and sweet like the ones served with the souffle.

Lastly, another classic dessert was the Taro Ball Red Bean Soup.  Completely the opposite of the refreshing fruity desserts, this one was heavier and surprisingly not very sweet.  That was a good thing as sometimes red bean soup can be too sugary.  The balls ensured that this ate like a meal.  Personally, not my favourite choice of dessert.  But that had nothing to do with them and I still don't understand the bad reviews.  Sure, it isn't the best in town, but it is more than respectable.  Just stay away from the puppy ice cream.

The Good:
- Lots of choice
- Souffle pancakes surprisingly decent
- Open late

The Bad:
- A bit pricey
- Service is okay, but a little sparse


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