Sherman's Food Adventures: Burger Bender @ Match Eatery & Public House (Delta)

Burger Bender @ Match Eatery & Public House (Delta)

Last year, I visited the Queensborough Match Eatery and tried every option (including sides) in their Burger Bender menu.  All the burgers were really good and I absolutely loved the one with the house-made donuts.  Well, Burger Bender is back and with a few new options including some ol' favourites.  Since I've not visited the newly opened Math Eatery & Public House in the Cascades Casino out in Ladner, I selected that location when I was invited out to try all the burgers.

Love the new spot as it is modern, yet not overdone.  The casino itself is beautiful with plenty of parking.  Onto the burgers, we dug into one of the new creations in the Mighty Mushroom.  This huge burger sported a 6oz chuck smash patty, sauteed crimini and button mushrooms, Boursin, dijonaise, lettuce, tomato and onion on brioche.  Suffice to say, this was pretty messy and plenty flavourful with the cheesiness of Boursin and the plethora of mushrooms.  On the side, we had the Dirty Fries topped with Cajun butter, chip dip, hot sauce, parmesan and bacon.  Lots going on here including spice, tanginess, sweet, salty, smoky and cheesy.

My personal favourite was the French Onion Big Dipper that featured a side of French onion soup.  Beyond the already delicious combination of beef patty, onion ring, double Swiss, caramelized onions, arugula and dijonnaise on a toasted brioche bun, the trick was to dip it into the soup.  One might think that that's just too much onion for one burger, but it was just right.  The sweetness of the caramelized onions were nicely complimented by the mild saltiness of the soup (that had slivered onions in it as well).  Add in the crunchy and slightly more sharp onion, we found layers of onion flavour.  On the side, there was a Caesar Salad that had plenty of parmesan and a house-made creamy dressing.

Also featured on the previous Burger Bender menu, the BBQ Ranch Hand is one monster of a burger with a steak spice beef patty, pulled pork, fried onion ring, cheddar cheese, coleslaw and spicy BBQ sauce on a pretzel bun.  This was bold and full-flavoured with spice, tang and sweetness.  Naturally, will 2 types of meat, it was also quite filling.  Love the use of a pretzel bun as it stood up well to the rest of the ingredients.  The side for this burger was the Hand-Cut Fries.  These were crispy with plenty of potato goodness inside.

Onto something without beef, the Filet-O-Crispy Fish featured a beer-battered haddock filet that was twice the size of the bun.  The batter was crispy and light while the fish was flaky and moist.  Being a brioche bun, it was soft enough to not impede the delicate texture of the fish.  Add in the shredded lettuce, tartar sauce, Old Bay mayo, pickles and coleslaw this was a much more deluxe version of a similarly named sandwich.  Plus there was much more fish!  On the side, the breaded Onion Rings were crunchy where the onion was not mushy. 

So of course we also found the Nashville Hot Chicken on the menu too.  It sported a double-breaded chicken thigh with coleslaw and pickles on a soft potato roll.  As you can see in the picture, the chicken was legit dipped into spiced oil (like it should be, rather than merely drizzled with sauce).  I could taste the spices, but could've done with more heat.  I would suggest you ask for spicier (if you can handle it that is).  The chicken was super juicy and moist while having a crunchy exterior.  Bun was a perfect match for this sandwich as it was soft with some density unlike a brioche.  Crunchy coleslaw with a sweet tang completed this sammie.  This came with a side salad that was full of different veggies and featured raisins as well. 

Now onto something with no meat at all in the Veg Head.  This consisted of a wild rice and black bean patty with avocado, red onion, Jack cheese, spouts, lettuce, tomato and house mayo on a multi-grain bun.  To be honest, I normally do not order veggie burgers, but this one wasn't bad.  The patty was not as dense as I expected and it had a bite even though it was made of beans.  I thought the choice of bun was good as it added more body and density to the burger.  The side for this was the Tater Tots and really, who doesn't like crunchy tater tots?

The last burger was sneakily one of the best being the Green Goddess.  This featured a grilled chicken breast with avocado, goat's cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion, sprout and green goddess dressing on a multi-grain bun.  If you wanted something a bit lighter and "healthier", this would be your best bet.  However, it was also delicious with a slightly smoky (from the grill) chicken breast that was still moist.  Lots of impact came from the creamy goat's cheese where the richness was cut by the pickled red onion.  This came with crispy Curly Fries which was great to dip into the side of ketchup, but also the creamy dip that came with the onion rings.  So as you can see, the burgers at Match during their Burger Bender event are not only creative, but quite large.  You need to bring your appetite and maybe a bunch of friends to try them all.  My personal favourites were the French Onion Big Dipper and Mighty Mushroom.  The others were good too, but these 2 new offerings on the menu are real winners.

*All food and beverages were complimentary*

The Good:
- Beautiful location (nothing like this in the area too)
- Burgers are huge and well-priced
- Lots of parking

The Bad:

- A little hard to get to during rush-hour
- Nashville Hot Chicken could've been spicier (but I understand that they need to keep it approachable for everyone)


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