Sherman's Food Adventures: Grillzilla Bistro

Grillzilla Bistro

Alright, I have to be pretty blunt about this...  When I first saw Grillzilla Bistro out on Victoria Drive at 49th, I was not particularly drawn to the place.  What the heck is with the name???  However, this is another case of never judge a book by its cover.  Situated in the old Victoria Restaurant (not to be confused with Victoria Seafood Restaurant in Royal Centre), Grillzilla dishes up brunch, lunch and dinner for reasonable prices.  I decided to check out the place for brunch despite the name.

We went for the Simplicity Benny as a baseline for their brunch instead of the usual meat and eggs (since that is boring).  Loved that that used thick-cut smoked bacon rather than back bacon.  The result was more depth-of-flavour and texture.  The poached eggs on top were done to our specifications (medium and runny).  The light dollop of Hollandaise (it was enough, trust me) was creamy with an appealing kick.  Could've used maybe a touch more acidity though.  Underneath the bacon was ripe avocado and the whole thing was topped with arugula.

Going for one of their fusion dishes in the Grillzilla Skillet that consisted of marinated thinly-sliced steak, 2 eggs, miso aioli, caramelized onions, mushrooms and herb-roasted potatoes.  This had bulgogi vibes all over and that was fantastic.  The meat was tender and full-flavoured from the marinade as well as the rich saltines of the aioli.  Onions were sweet while the mushrooms provided the usual woodsiness.  

Lastly, we tried the Classic Sandwich featuring a hand pressed beef patty, fried egg, bacon, meslun greens, tomato and spicy aioli on toasted brioche.  Wow, this was excellent where the beef was flavourful and moist.  Nicely charred on the outside which gave it plenty of aroma.  Once again, the bacon was thick and meaty while the bun was nice toasted.  This was delicious.  Even the hashbrowns were on point being evenly crispy.  After only trying 3 dishes, we were sold on the Grillzilla.  Weird name, but good food at super reasonable prices.  Will be back over and over again.

The Good:
- Solid eats
- Inexpensive
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Small place, better get here early


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