Sherman's Food Adventures: The Table Bistro

The Table Bistro

Dining out with Nikita and Bluebeard is always a pleasure not only because they are awesome people, but being out in Langley, they are always open to trying out things in the Fraser Valley.  This was the case as they suggested we give The Table Bistro in Abbotsford a go.  Even though it sounds like we traveled far away, it was only another 20 minutes or so from Walnut Grove.  Upon arrival, the place sure looked cozy and sporting a modern, yet simple decor.  We were greeted warmly and the service was great throughout.

As for the food, Viv and I decided to share Siciliano Pizza with San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella, Genoa Salami, capicola, chorizo, arugula, lemon oil and garlic & herb crumb.  To be clear, this was not a Neapolitan-style pizza.  Rather, the crust was a tad thicker and doughier.  With that being said, it was good in its own way where the crust was crispy and chewy.  It was properly seasoned and the amount of toppings created a saltiness spiciness.  The crumbs on top added a buttery nutty crunch.

For her main, Viv had the Duck Cubano on an Italian loaf with duck rillette, capicola, Swiss cheese, mustard and dill pickles.  Yes I know this is not a traditional Cubano, but really, this was the whole point.  We thought it was quite good with the pointed taste of duck and also the spiciness of the capicola.  To give it that Cubano taste, there was the classic pickles and mustard.  The bread was perfectly pressed with it being buttery and crunchy.

For myself, I went for the Smashburger on a potato bun with burger sauce, shredded romaine, american cheese, dill pickle and red onion.  Although I hold all other smashburgers to Between 2 Buns, I gotta say this was quite good!  The 2 burger patties were fried up crispy on the edges while being moist and tender in the middle.  The right amount of burger sauce and tangy pickles with melted cheese made this fulfilling.  The potato bun was soft and wrapped itself lovingly around the meat.  On the side, they had roasted fingerling potatoes tossed in a vinaigrette.  I enjoyed them, but wish there was a bit more.

Bluebeard opted for the Spicy Peanut Bowl with broccoli, red peppers, onion, rice noodles, green onion and a side of chili oil. This little unassuming concoction was packed with flavour and heat (if you used the chili oil).  It was creamy and nutty with sweetness, but with the chili oil, there was spiciness and smokiness from the chilis.  Combined with al dente flat right noodles, this was both a textural and taste delight.

Nikita went big with the Braised Short Rib with mashed potatoes, roasted veggies and house-made peppercorn sauce.  As you can see, this was a large and thick piece of short rib.  It was super tender and meaty with most of the fat being rendered.  Veggies were cooked through, but still had a vibrant crunch.  Mash underneath was smooth and well seasoned. An impressively composed dish that could be served at fine-dining establishments.

Onto dessert, Viv and I shared the Blueberry Oat Cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream.  This was more of a crumble than a cobbler with a crunchy and sweet topping.  However, the blueberries underneath were indeed quite runny.  I guess the use of oats on top rather than the traditional batter didn't help soak up the moisture.  We still enjoyed it though as it was flavourful with plenty of blueberries within.

Nikita and Bluebeard shared the Cheesecake that was a no-baked whipped version.  Therefore, the whole thing was very light and creamy.  They did this Neapolitan-style with some chocolate-flavoured as well as strawberry coulis-topped whipped cream cheese.  Overall, we were quite happy with the food and service at The Table Bistro. Prices are reasonable too.  Definitely an option for those in the area.

The Good:
- Solid eats
- Excellent service
- Reasonable-pricing

The Bad:
- No deep-fryer, so less options in terms of sides and appies (I guess healthier though)


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