Sherman's Food Adventures: Pine State Biscuits

Pine State Biscuits

For some apparent reason, I was not aware that Pine State Biscuits was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Normally, I'm all over these types of places since I do enjoy watching the show. Of course, not all the places featured are that appealing to me and in fact, some just seem downright awful. I had already pegged PSB as an eating destination since it seemed like a quick meal and something that the kiddies would enjoy munching on. It was somewhat along the way for us en route to Woodburn and a day of outlet shopping. Wait, scratch that... A day for Viv to do some shopping. I was merely a bystander. So as we rolled up to PSB, I noticed quite a few people congregating at the entrance. Soon after we lined up, 10 other people appeared behind us. Seating is at a premium, so it's best to do takeout.

Although there are a decent amount of choices on the menu, I only had one thing on my mind - The Reggie. A heart-stopping combination of fried chicken, bacon, cheese and country gravy all lovingly caressed by a flaky biscuit. I added a fried egg just to make it complete. I think this one item satisfied my caloric, fat and salt intake for the day. Oh, but it was well worth it. If I can quote Guy Fieri, "That's Money!" Look at the thing. Look at it! Isn't is a thing of beauty? The piece of fried chicken was not too dry and the crisp coating had a good amount of spice and flavour. You can't go wrong with bacon, egg and cheese, as well as the tasty and sinful gravy with bits of sausage. The biscuit was not light; but buttery, just the way I like it. I would eat this over and over again if my body could take it. Viv is not really into the country gravy thing, something to do with the lard... Wimp! So she opted for the Ham, Egg & Cheese Biscuit. Admittedly, she isn't the biggest fan of biscuits so she was not as enthused as I was. She thought that the country ham was too salty. But that is how it's supposed to be and when eaten with the rest of the components, it provided the necessary flavour. The rest of the ingredients are mild, so the extra salt is not overwhelming. If you notice from the picture, the fried egg has a perfectly runny yolk.

For the kiddies, they shared a Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit. The sausage in this thing was very thick and meaty. It was more like a burger patty than anything else. Nicely spiced and served in the same fabulous biscuit, the kids didn't eat any of it. LOL. Not that it wasn't good, they just weren't in the mood I suppose.
So I gotta admit that Guy Fieri was right about this one. PSB serves up some pretty mean biscuits with killer fixin's. The Reggie is a must-try, even if you doctor told you not to. Just eat salad for a week before and after.

The Good:
- Case of do one thing and do it right
- Nothing really like it (McD's doesn't count)
- Everything is freshly made

The Bad:
- Heart-attack food
- Nowhere to really sit

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KimHo said...

Well, there is the KFC double down, which is mostly that sandwich you had, except it does not have a biscuit (which sort of defeats the purpose considering that is their main feature)! :D

You missed something, though: Timmy's breakfast sandwich! Not as big, not as fancy but does the work.

You having salad for a week? Yeah, right! :P

LotusRapper said...

Oh lordy, I'd like to get to know Reggie real well ...... [with a paramedic standing by holding difib paddles]

Polly said...

I went here last month! I totally agree with you on the Reggie. It is a walking heart attack but man, that's some good stuff . :)

LotusRapper said...

@ Polly: well, it one's gonna die that might not be a bad last meal ....

Sherman Chan said...

Kim, the double down is probably healthier! Timmy's sandwich is okay, but not really the "same" if you know what I mean... I love salad!

LR, go do it when you're in Portland. Just do it!

Polly, agreed. I'm glad I won't meet with Reggie until next year... LOL...

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