Sherman's Food Adventures: Lolita's


Ah yes... Loud dance music, people dancing on the bar, lack of lighting and noisy chatter. Everything you'd find in a club or bar right? How about a restaurant? Much like Abigail's, Lolita's is a party disguising itself as a restaurant. Well, at least in the late weekend hours that is. In search of the elusive late night eats in the GVRD, Lionel Hutz, Milhouse and I ended up at this place because it is open 'til 2:00am. Funny thing too, while I was driving across the Lions Gate Bridge, I was listening to "Right Here (Human Nature Mix)" by SWV and reminiscing about my mid-20's. Oh how much I'd love to be transported back, even if it were only for a day! I guess my wish was partially granted as loud 80's music belted from the sound system as I walked in. It's like Back to the Future, I wanted to go back, but not that far back! Although everyone seemed to be partying like it was 1999 and didn't stop 'til they got enough.

Originally, Lionel Hutz was sitting against the wall on a banquette; however, he graciously switched seats with me explaining that I probably needed more room. As I found out, the darn heater was below me and it was quite hot. Furthermore, it appeared that it shielded me away partly from the rest of the people so that they would not notice I was taking pictures. Lionel Hutz gets a bit annoyed and embarrassed at my exploits. We hurried up and ordered since the waitress yelled out loudly, "last call, mother f**ckers!!!". That is a creative and interesting way to get people to order... Lionel decided on the Beef Taquitos which were filled with tender beef brisket. Pico de gallo was served on the side. He seemed to like them, they were crunchy and quite meaty.

I went for 2 items with the first being the Sopa de Tortilla. It consisted of roasted tomatoes, chicken, pascilla cheese and avocado with grilled cornbread on the side. I thought the soup was pretty good with plenty of tomato flavour and a bit of spice. I also had the Turkey Tostada. It sure looked impressive, stacked high with black beans on the bottom and turkey bathed in an apricot & pinenut mole on top. Pico de gallo and pickled cabbage completed the dish. It was quite enjoyable to eat; however, I couldn't help thinking that it was a one note tostada. What I mean is that it was a bit too sweet and not enough spice. Don't get me wrong, I liked it; but I just wish
there were more flavours at play.

Milhouse went for Lolita's Tacos - Pulled Anchiote Chicken with salsa verde & crema and Ground Beef & Chorizo with pomegranate demi-glace. Again, they looked quite majestic piled high with toppings and meat. That made it quite hard to eat as well. He made it clear that the chicken was much better than the beef (which was flavourless in his opinion). We all thought this was expensive for $16.75. In fact, the prices seem rather high for this type of food, despite being quite decent. I was impressed by their interpretation of Mexican food; however, it might offend the "authentic" police. It's alright for late night eats; but I'm not sure if I'd choose it as my dinner destination.

The Good:
- It's open late
- Energetic vibe
- Unique interpretation of Mexican food

The Bad:
- Extremely cramped seating arrangements
- Pricey

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