Sherman's Food Adventures: Irish Heather (Long Table Series) Part II

Irish Heather (Long Table Series) Part II

Generally, it is not easy to find a venue that can accommodate a bunch of food bloggers. Think about it, the criteria is downright difficult to meet. First, it needs to be big enough. Second, the cost cannot be outrageous (yes, we like to eat; but not when it costs $100.00pp). Third, it helps if the food and/or venue is unique. Fourth, they need to accept reservations. When Kim organized the bloggers meetup at the Irish Heather in October, it seemed like the perfect destination. In fact, it did turn out to be a great time had by all. Hey, how can you beat a good meal with beer for $15.00 or less? That, to any foodie is akin to a 50% discount for Dim Sum. There would be a lineup around the block! Fortunately, you can make a reservation far in advance for the Long Table Series.

Once again, Kim did the legwork and setup our second venture into the LTS. This time around, the dish was Roast Duck Leg with Colcannon Potatoes, Mushroom And Foie Gras Jus for $15.00. Present at this dinner were Kim, Anita, Jessica, Mijune and Viv. As soon as we were seated, our drinks arrived and the food shortly after. I liked the pint of R&B Cream Ale that accompanied our meal. To me, it strongly resembled Granville Island's Pale Ale. As M pointed out, it was a bit stronger and bitter comparatively. As for the main, a good-sized duck leg rested atop a mound of cabbage mash potatoes. The dish was finished with a bevy of button and crimini mushrooms swimming in a a generous amount of foie gras jus. At first, it looked like the plate was over-sauced; rather, it was just enough because at the end, there was no sauce left. The sauce itself was pretty darn good. The flavour was subtle while still exhibiting a richness from the rendered duck bones and foie gras.
The mushrooms added a nice earthiness or umami-ness to the dish. There were little pieces of foie gras throughout the sauce and mushrooms; but they seemed to be lost amongst the other ingredients. Some of us felt that the foie gras should have been seared and caramalized to heighten its flavour.

The modestly seasoned duck leg was moist and cooked nicely. Most of the flavour was left up to the sauce and other items on the plate. Personally, I'm more of a fan of confit rather than roasting since it results in softer, more tender meat and rendered duck skin. With that being said, I did like the dish. Of course, just like last time, what's not to like about a decent meal with beer for $15.00? Thanks again to Kim for organizing the dinner. It is a difficult thing to coordinate a time and place for a meetup. It looks like now the next one falls on my shoulders. I'm looking forward to it though!

The Good:
- It's a deal, in my books
- The food ain't perfect; but for the price it's good!
- Great venue for socializing

The Bad:
- The dining experience comes and goes pretty quickly
- The seating is a bit tight, you'd better like the person beside you

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KimHo said...

I think you are overstating my organization part. I mean, I just sent the email as soon as the new menu popped out and asked as many of you if you are interested and forward it to as many people as you thought! :)

50% Dim Sum discount??? Where? Where???? XD

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