Sherman's Food Adventures: The Orange Room

The Orange Room

*Restaurant is now closed*

My coworker, K-Press had originally tipped me off about the Orange Room in New West. Her feeling is that there is a total lack of culinary delights in her hood and the OR was something a bit different. She went there and sampled the food and produced a really detailed write-up for me to read. She was hoping to have me post it on my site as a guest review; however, she didn't have any photos! Doh! She seemed quite disappointed and honestly, I'm a bit too OCD with my pictures anyways... Well, today was the day I gave the Orange Room a go and dragged Ma, Blondie, Pomegranate and L-Pete for the ride.

From the outside, it sure doesn't look like much with its 80's-looking signage and iron fence. Once we walked inside, it was a different animal altogether. Warm, modern and chic, this place surely doesn't scream out New West. While we often associate places like the Waffle House, (which is 2 stores down) with its older clientele, with good ol' New West; the Orange Room brings a hip strut with attitude into the old city. We ended up making it in time for breakfast and I went all out and had the Steak and Eggs. Looking quite grand on the plate were 2 Born-3 eggs with fruit, country hashbrowns, toast and a perfectly round steak. I asked for it to be prepared medium-rare and what I got was medium to medium-well. I like my hashbrowns fried in cubes; but the ones here were a bit too crispy. They were fried to the point that not much potato was left. On the plus side, the sunny-side eggs were perfect and the toast was crunchy.

Blondie had the Bacon and Eggs. As you can see in the picture, there are 2 things that stand out. First, they used back bacon and second, the eggs were nicely scrambled. The orange butter was a
bit interesting being sweet and a bit aromatic. Pomegranate's breakfast was only average in his mind. The Farmer's Omelet was a tad overcooked and bland. He didn't quite like the "fresh" ketchup. I personally didn't mind it; yet he felt it had no flavour. Now with all these criticisms regarding the food, it would appear we didn't enjoy our breakfast here. On the contrary, I believe we did. If we took the whole meal into consideration with the prices, venue and service, then the Orange Room looks promising. Nothing is perfect and we don't expect perfection. What we do know is that the Orange Room is something a bit different out in New West.

The Good:
- Comfy and cool digs
- Reasonable pricing
- Despite the shortcomings, the food appeared to be prepared with care

The Bad:
- A few consistency issues with the food
- Food suffers from over-creativity (such as the round steak and the fancy ketchup)

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Jessica604 said...

Great post. I had made a (mental) note to try them when we had passed by in the summer. From what I remember though, they had wierd hours and weren't open on Sunday or Saturday - do you recall?

Sherman Chan said...

I'm not sure about that really. I know they're open Saturday. I think Sunday brunch too?

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by and trying brunch! Latest info on hours can be found on our website (, but it's basically 9-10 tues-fri, 8-10 sat, 8-4 sun. closed mondays (that's when we sleep).

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