Sherman's Food Adventures: Al Basha

Al Basha

Yes it's Wednesday and yes it's late night hockey time. It also means early morning eats on a Thursday. The flavour of the day happens to be Middle Eastern at Al Basha out on Broadway in Kitsilano. Yah, I realize that is far from home at 2:00am; but I am a dedicated foodie. Of course, this week-after-week exercise of playing late night hockey and eating is turning me into a very sleepy foodie too. I seriously hope I don't fall asleep eating Pho one day. That could be one hilarious and messy scene! It's interesting to see so many people out this early in this neighbourhood. We assumed that many were University students. To think of it, I was out this early all the time during University. I guess not having early morning classes helped.

For some reason or another, I was quite famished. Polka King was rather taken aback when I ordered both the Chicken Shawarma Plate and a Beef Donair. He, being not as hungry, opted for only a Falafel Donair. I was extremely disappointed in him. One measly donair and vegetarian to boot! Alright, I actually don't mind vegetarian food, so I take it back... Anyways, when we finally got our orders, I initially regretted ordering all that food since the Shawarma plate was huge! No matter, I was up for the challenge. I dug into chicken and rice ladened with yogurt and hot sauce... Wow! This was some tasty stuff! Garlicky, yogurty and spicy, I couldn't stop eating it. I did take some bites of the pita bread and humus while I was enjoying the chicken. That was pretty good too, although more zing would've been nice.

As for the donairs, mine was pretty good. Wrapped in a soft pita, there was a good amount of tasty beef glazed with the same sauces. Polka King's was much of the same, except substitute falafels for the beef. Other than being open late, the food at Al Basha is pretty good and cheap. Moreover, the owner is quite friendly and more than generous with the portions. Add into the fact that it is located in a pretty nice neighbourhood, rather than the usual seedy hole-in-the-wall downtown locations, you have a great place to grab some cheap eats early in the morning.

The Good:
- It's cheap
- Food is tasty and plentiful
- Not a seedy location

The Bad:
- It's kinda far from everything else
- Tables were a bit sticky

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