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Alibi Room

Sunday hockey. Why did I sign up for this? Like I'm deprived of sleep enough already! Now I have to wake up early on a Sunday morning and drag my sorry ass to the ice rink. And it's summer (when I wrote this) too! Oh right, it's something called exercise and that is important for my health. Wait... Oh I remember, I know why I look forward to it every week. We go eat afterwards! Much like my other team sports, it is the perfect opportunity to hold a whole bunch of people hostage and drag them on my food adventures! Yah, I'll admit it, they are merely pawns in my sinister plan to eat my way through Vancouver. With that in mind, I merrily wake up early this Sunday and head over to the rink.

It's funny how both JuJu and RBC are completely at a loss when I can't make some games. I told them they could easily go eat without me; but for some reason or another, they prefer to have my DSLR pointed at their food. So the first thing that rolls off their tongues when I walk into the change room is: "Where are we eating today???". Interesting, they are becoming more and more like me every time. Maybe I have the power of mind-control? Nah... Really, where were we gonna eat today? I really didn't put too much thought into it to tell you the truth. Therefore, the one place that came into mind was the Alibi Room. You see, we were at Deacon's Corner the previous time, right across from the Alibi Room. So, much like last time, RBC decided to order a barley sandwich to go with his brunch. I had a much better idea, we ended up splitting the Frat Bat instead. It's a beer tasting of sorts, where you choose any 4 for $9.00. He had the Salmon Benny as his real food item. Curiously, one egg was perfectly runny, while one was almost fully cooked. Despite that, it was a solid benny with dill cream cheese, red onion, salmon and capers.

I went for the Corned Beef Hash since RBC had the eggs benny. No duplicates! Portion wise, it was pretty modest; but whatever it gave up in size, it made up with flavour. The potatoes were very well-spiced and the mix of soft cubes of corned beef, wilted spinach and red peppers was good. 2 perfectly poached eggs topped it off with a mild tasting Hollandaise. JuJu decided on the Huevos Racheros and it came nicely presented. I took a sample and I really liked the crispy tortillas. In terms of flavour, it was very mild. In fact, JuJu need to use copious amounts of Tobasco. Hmm... Tobasco and beans. I'm glad we were parting ways after the meal. Overall, the brunch was quite pleasant with a casual, lazy ambiance. Prices were on the higher side considering the portion size. Generally, the Alibi Room is more known for its late-night and dinner. So we weren't expecting much out of the brunch. It was decent; but for brunch, I personally prefer walking a block & a half up to Two Chefs & a Table instead, the food is better and costs less.

The Good:
- Casual, cool ambiance
- Decent brunch
- Love the beer selection

The Bad:
- Pricey compared to nearby joints
- Smallish portion sizes

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KimHo said...

Ahem... Tabasco... Rancheros... :P

The egg yolk (in)consistency is hilarious but key here, in this line of business, you got to be consistent!

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