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Deacon's Corner

"What??? What are we going to do without you?" That was the sentiment from JuJu and RBC when I mentioned that I would miss Sunday morning hockey while we were at the Acme Cafe. I suggested that they could still go out to eat without me. "It won't be the same!" exclaimed JuJu. What? They enjoy having their food violated (with my action shots) and pictures taken while it gets cold? Apparently yes. Man! They are keepers! What more can you ask for in a dining companion? So imagine their elation that I was back for Sunday hockey and with another eating destination in mind. For some odd reason, after Acme (which is located on the Downtown Eastside), we were heading to Deacon's Corner, which is on the edge of Gastown and very near the Downtown Eastside. Heck, why not. Let's just go to all the places that are in the shadiest areas. As I remarked to RBC, gems are often found in the oddest of places.

Once we sat down, even before we cracked open the menus, I stated what I wanted. RBC was a bit taken aback. JuJu filled him in that I always check out the menu prior to visiting a place. Yes, I have a game plan and today it was to tackle the Carolina Pancake & Eggs. What we have here are 2 large buttermilk pancakes topped with a nice amount of house-made pulled pork. Slap on 3 eggs with harshbrowns and toast on the side, we have a large mound of food. Perfect! I'm always hungry after hockey! I must say that the pancakes were really fluffy and light. Strangely, it went well with the soft and adequately-sauced pulled pork. The sauce was understated with a sweet tang. Although the hashbrowns tasted quite good, they were dense and not crispy. As if I didn't have enough food already, I tacked on a side of Mac 'n Cheese. Not as cheesy as the one I had at Acme Cafe, the one here was much more wet. Instead of cheesy strands when I plucked the macaroni out, it was soupy. However, as I let it sit for awhile, it thickened up and was quite good. I liked how it wasn't too heavy (for a mac 'n cheese that is). It was mild tasting and probably needed a little more sharp cheese.

RBC went for the Farmer's Omelet. The thing was stuffed full of cheddar, ham, bacon, sausage and hashbrowns. I tried some of RBC's sausage (wait... that didn't come out right) and it was very flavourful (egads! that really didn't sound right, I'll stop now). He thought the omelet was tasty, one of the only ones he didn't have to use ketchup. Sausage was tasty, maybe a little on the salty side. The eggs were fluffy and well cooked through, the addition of hash inside the omelet was a surprise; but ingenious. It could have used more bacon, but then again what couldn't. He completed his meal with a beer, which for $3.50, was a good deal in his books. All round great value for an American-type diner, beer, omlettes and pie.

JuJu had the Corned Beef Hash & Eggs. For a hash, he was surprised at the lack of grease. He liked it and wished that the portion was larger. Possibly that he was missing the grease from the hash, he proceeded to ask for the menu and order Fries & Gravy! He really lived up to his nickname this time (JuJu was given to him by his wife, meaning little piggy in Chinese). Fresh cut, fried until crispy while being very potatoey, the fries were pretty darn good. The gravy was not salty at all and provided just enough moisture and flavour. RBC was not done with his beef and breakfast. He noticed the featured pie on the wall and got one of those too. The Cherry Blueberry Pie had a firm centre with not too much sugar and the crust wasn't soggy - it was light and flaky on top with good flavour, being heated and a la mode didn't hurt either. After that, we were finally finished and quite satisfied. Despite what others have said, we got great service with a side of humour. It's a neat little diner in an interesting location. For us, the food was solid. Nothing to make you run out and get some right away; but it is a good option if you're in the area.

The Good:
- Generally decent portions
- Solid diner food
- Great vibe

The Bad:
- Location is a bit iffy; but not too bad
- It's a dive; but adds to the charm

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holly said...

I've only had their pancakes (still prefer Bert's), however, the food choices you made sound interesting. Especially the cherry blueberry pie, a combination you seldom find.

I might have to return for another visit.

Sherman Chan said...

Too bad no one wanted to share their pancakes at Bert's with me... I have no way to compare! LOL...

RBC said...

If you talking pancakes dont forget 2 chefs!

Steve said...

Try the Sausage and Biscuits. Everything is home made. The sausages
are actually patties and the country gravy is slightly spicy and full
of sausage bits - it's so good I've never gotten around to try
anything else there yet - maybe next time. Does anyone know if there
are any other places around here serving this southern favourite?

KimHo said...

Steve, inserting some wacky humour here... Whose home? :)

Sherman Chan said...

Steve, not that I know of... not too many good authentic Southern cooking here.

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