Sherman's Food Adventures: Cool Moon

Cool Moon

While we were watching the kiddies get all wet in their street clothes at the wading pool, I noticed Cool Moon nearby. Ah yes, we wanted to try this out last year. Too bad we were so overstuffed with eating. No room for it! This time around, since we were eating nearby at Piazza Italia, I made it a priority to give it a shot. After all, it was a steaming hot day, perfect for ice cream. What started off as a simple walk from dinner to get ice cream became a gong show. Once we reached Cool Moon, my daughter needed to do washroom #2. With no washroom in sight, it meant that we had to find one somewhere else. Ugh. Viv had to take her back to Piazza Italia for that. While she did that, I went about ordering my ice cream. Lots of interesting flavours. I finally settled on Thai Chili and Ginger Cookies 'n Cream. Viv thought I was nuts to pick those.

My son wanted no part in the ice cream, so it further encouraged me to try something different. A kid who doesn't want ice cream... Geez... Maybe I should've tried him with the Thai Chili? No, that would've scarred him for life. Anyways, I really liked the Thai Chili, it was spicy, sweet and nutty. Hey, like eating Thai food, except cold creamy Thai food! The other flavour, Ginger Cookies 'n Cream was also very good. I found the ginger to be a good contrast to the sweet ice cream (wasn't too sweet though). The ample nuggets of cookie were a real treat. From this one cup, I could tell that the ice cream is definitely smooth and made with care. I ended up dusting off the ice cream all-by-myself. When I met up with Viv later, she was wondering where all the ice cream went. By her initial reaction of the flavours I had chosen, I assumed she didn't want any. How wrong I was. I don't suppose they make Doghouse ice cream do they?

The Good:
- Interesting flavours
- Smooth and not too sweet
- Okay pricing

The Bad:
- Limited selection of flavours (but that is a good thing too)
- Not much in the way of seating

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