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B.C. Sushi

Okay, you should know my feelings about AYCE sushi by now. But believe it or not, there are times when I actually don't mind it. However, those "times" usually involve being really hungry and/or not giving much a damn about food quality. Tonight would be one of those "times". You see, earlier in our softball season, we were rained out a few games. Thus, it was inevitable we'd need to play some double-headers. This was our last night of the regular season and it also happened to be a double-header. Of course the weather was looking crappy, indicating we'd be all wet. Personally, I'm a fair weather person. Okay, let me rephrase that. I don't shop for sun dresses at Fairweather, I'm mostly into fair weather sporting activities. Although some of those dresses have really nice floral prints... er... So, when the wet stuff comes (I really should have not said it this way...), I'm not too happy about being outside. I don't golf in the rain, I don't play softball in the rain, I don't camp in the rain (wait, I don't camp at all!) and I don't even like driving in the rain. So, when I called up Boss Woman to check on the status of our games, we had to play 2 games rain or shine.

Imagine the joy when the weather turned for the better. I was as happy as a gamer in a EB Games lineup on boxing day. Well, maybe not that happy... So, I knew we'd be hungry after 2 games and since we were playing at Canarvon, it looked like a good opportunity to give B.C. Sushi a try. Taking advantage of our late ending time, I made a reservation for their late night AYCE sushi for 9:30pm. Of course, our games had to end early at 8:15pm... So we ended up "practicing" in near darkness waiting for our reservation time. Note to self: hurling a big round object at each other in darkness is tempting fate. Although they did start to resemble large Takoyaki after awhile. Hmm... a sign that we should go eat!

We arrived at B.C. Sushi a bit early, so a few of the ladies decided to wash up in the restroom. Okay, that was a disaster. 2 of 3 toilets were malfunctioning and there were no paper towels. I think they should check on their washrooms more often. Anyways, we got seated shortly after that. The late night menu is a good value in my opinion. There are 2 options: pick Menu A items only - $10.95, do both A+B, it's $14.95. We went for the $14.95 menu and it includes sashimi. If raw fish ain't your thing, the $10.95 menu has a large selection already. We started off with the Gomaae and it is your typical too-sweet, over-sauced spinach. The Agedashi Tofu was okay; but it looked pretty plain without the grated daikon and green onions. Ebi Sunomono was pretty decent, lots of flavour and great texture on the vermicelli. Miss Y ordered 2 BBQ Corn and they were good as well. I remarked that one of her corns were bigger than the other. She replied that it was normal to be that way... (take that however you want). Judes upped the discussion by saying that Miss Y was feeling "corny". Funny, the oyster motoyaki hadn't arrived yet...

Anyways, Judes really wanted to try the Baby Octopus. No good, it was chewy and bland. On the other hand, the Gyoza were quite good. The filling was not packed too tight and they were fried up with a good colour. The Ika Karaage was on the oilier side while still being crisp and easy to chew. The Fried "Scallops" were your typical imitation type offering. It's rare to have Sashimi in AYCE late-night, so it was a treat. The sashimi here was acceptable. Salmon was better than the tuna. When Boss Woman saw Chicken Knees on the menu, she was a happy camper. Not bad, probably too much batter though. The Tempura was okay, too much batter again. The Chicken Yakitori was alright as well, the meat was moist and there was not too much sauce. Boss Woman really wanted to try the Fried Cheese Sticks. She wished she hadn't. Ew.

Of course Bear wanted Short Ribs and lots of it. He was really happy with these ones since they were super tender, not overly fatty and not over-seasoned. I liked them too. The Tonkatsu was crispy while the meat was still moist. The same could be said about the Chicken Karaage. Strangely presented in reusable tart tins, the Oyster Motoyaki was good. Decent sized oyster, not too much sauce. Of course we got some Maki Sushi as well. The sushi rice was bland and on the drier side (to be expected). Yet, once again, it was more than edible. Same with the Nigiri Sushi, okay rice made for okay sushi. As for the Beef and Chicken Teriyaki, the beef was dry while the chicken was quite moist and tender. I got an order of the Unagi Don and it wasn't bad either. The rice was firm and not oversauced. Now onto another filler dish (I must've been nuts), I got the Chicken Curry. I expected Japanese curry. What I got was Chinese curry (of course, the place is Chinese-run). Didn't like it. No flavour and the chicken was not even cooked in the sauce.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one to get filler items as Miss Y and Milhouse went for the Beef and Chicken Udon respectively. Miss Y thought the broth was quite flavourful with chewy udon. Then we were presented with 3 bowls of Ramen. We didn't order any ramen. They just said to keep it and don't eat it if we didn't want to. I looked at it and tried it. Decent noodles, laughable broth. We got Mango Pudding to end off the meal and it was AYCE-style mango pudding. So if I sound a bit repetitive and unenthusiastic, it is because most of the food is typical AYCE fare. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing in this case. For the reasonable price we paid, it was well-worth it if that is what you are looking for. We didn't come for quality Japanese food, we came for quantity and value. This is exactly what we got.

The Good:
- Very reasonable late-night AYCE
- Large selection of items
- Fairly decent service

The Bad:
- Yucky washrooms
- Regular AYCE is pricey
- As with most AYCE, food quality is so-so

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Gary said...

We live close to this place, and our first experience of AYCE years ago was not good. It's not bad if you want lots of food for the price, but honestly the quality is pretty much disgusting! I'd rather go to Temaki or iSushi around the corner.

You gotta check out Hitoe Sushi on West 4th (around Blenheim). Their Sashimi set for $11.95 is a steal, and the sushi is amazing!

Sherman Chan said...

Yah, BC Sushi ain't quality eats at all. I do like Temaki next door. I guess we were hungry and didn't care that night. Yes, I've heard of Hitoe. Until next year... LOL, our softball season is done and I'm not usually in Kits!

boosthappy said...

weezy said...

Worst Ayce sushi EVER. Terrible service to begin with. Had a fly problem that nite, little flies swarming everywhere, waitress rudely tells us we gotta get up and pay the bill before we even get through 1/2 our meal. whatever, get up and pay and tip, as i walk away speaks in another language about my 10% tip (like as if its not good enuff, its bad ayce for f*ks sake) waiter forgets our order and asks did we get all our food like its our job to keep track... waiter paces back and forth watching us eat and made it so uncomfortable to eat. which means they anna close up and leave. we offer to leave but wanna take the rest of out food (2 small plates of sushi) with us but couldnt even do that. i had a word with the owner/manager and thinks we trying to scam them. WHAT A JOKE

Sherman Chan said...

@boosthappy Well, as I said, BC Sushi is quantity. Heard the same things about the place as you have said. Am not surprised.

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