Sherman's Food Adventures: Wings (Burnaby)

Wings (Burnaby)

That's it. The last Sunday morning hockey for the summer. A real shame. No more eating on Sundays! Well, at least no more eating with the hockey crew. By virtue of being the final game, there was talk of everyone meeting for eats afterwards. The original plan was to walk over to Sunrise Pizza after the game at Brit. No can do. Doesn't open until 2:00pm apparently (since it stays open late). There was talk about going to Boston Pizza... This is where I interjected. I basically told them that if we are gonna spend that kind of money, we'd could have better food. Boston Pizza has probably the worst executed food for the money. I do realize the Smoky Mountain Spaghetti and Meatballs is large; but it's like $17.00! For overcooked spaghetti with a bland sauce, it should be a whole lot cheaper. I mean, you can get gourmet pasta elsewhere for that price. I digress. So the problem here was finding another restaurant that could accommodate a large group and be neutral cuisine-wise. No tongue or tripe please. Thus, the only place I could think of (which needed to be in a convenient location for all of us) was Wings on Kingsway. I've been to the Wings in Newton before and they do indeed have good wings. Better be, with a name like that! But I was curious about their other food. This was a good opportunity to try it out.

Being that it was Sunday, there was the .39 cent wing special. Guess what everyone ordered? Yes, pretty predictable and honestly horrifying in terms of variety. I can only say so much about wings, there is not enough for a whole post! Thus, in addition to my wings I got a Stir Fry Bowl with prawns. As much as I wanted to hate this dish, I actually didn't mind it. Lots of crisp veggies and perfectly cooked prawns atop slightly soft noodles. I thought the addition of sesame oil was a nice touch, there wasn't a need for much other seasoning. So for my wings, I had the Maui Lime and the Original Westcoaster. If the picture of the wings do not seem to correspond with my choices, you are not seeing things. Those are actually Buffalo and Sweet Thai. That particular picture just looks better. Much like my previous visit to Wings, their wings are of a good size and not over-fried. Some flavours worked better than others; but the actual chicken meat is tender and juicy. Hydro had the California Cajun Chicken Fettucine and surprisingly it was decent. Considering that Wings is not the hotbed of pasta, it was prepared al dente and the sauce was very flavourful and spicy. Boston Pizza, take note... Tonya had the Spicy Wok Squid and seriously, it was decent as well. Very tender, spicy and flavourful, I enjoyed eating it. Of course it won't strike fear into real Chinese establishments; but a pretty good attempt nonetheless.

JuJu, continuing his streak of eating a lot of food, added the Stadium Burger with bacon and cheese (he already had 20 wings). This was a pretty typical burger with a typical bun and typical meat. Alright; yet forgettable. Fries were the generic Sysco type too. Meh. Tony the Tiger had a Caesar Salad with his wings and it was a typical Caesar. So to my surprise, there are other items at Wings that are more than respectable. And especially for the prices they charge and the portion size, it is a pretty good value. But I'm sure they make it all up in the booze, which I decided not to order this time around.

The Good:
- Big, juicy wings
- Decent food
- Reasonable prices

The Bad:
- Service was friendly; but a bit sparse
- It could be just me, but the place looks kinda plain

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