Sherman's Food Adventures: Fet's


For the love of... Finally, we won a game. Our hockey team has been on a 5-game losing streak that has seen us get crushed in most games. Being the goalie, it has not really helped my self-confidence. I'm ready to go to Goalies Anonymous. The only thing that has been keeping me going is the promise of eats afterwards. Continuing the trend of not going for wonton noodles, we headed over to the Drive, in particular Fet's. We attempted to eat here once; but arrived as they were closing. Thus, we ended up going for Pho. For once, this time around we had an earlier game and made it in time.

Emilicious had the Fish Tacos. She thought it was the perfect amount of food for a late-night snack. It was light and refreshing with seafood (fish & shrimp). The salsa was quite spicy but good for those who like it hot. All-in-all, $10 for three tacos is a good value. Silent Bob had the BBQ Chicken Pizza. He found the pizza to be really tasty. Every bite, he could taste something different - chicken, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce. There was a nice crispy thin crust. Something he'd definitely order again.

Milhouse and Gordo both had the Chicken Wrap. The wrap was quite good. The darn thing was big and tightly-packed. The second half of the wrap began to moisten due to the abundance of ingredients. The Fet's fries were a pleasant surprise. Freshly-cut, they were quite starchy and not greasy. They were not extremely crisp; yet they stay the same level of crispiness from start to finish. For myself, I contemplated on their popular burgers. Since I had a burger at White Spot earlier in the day, it didn't seem like the best decision to do it again. Thus, I opted for the Gnocchi & Capocollo. Being a bar-type establishment, I wasn't holding out much hope for my pasta. To my utter surprise, the darn thing was pretty good. The gnocchi itself wasn't going to set the culinary world on fire since it was on the denser side. With that being said, I still liked it. The real star of the show was the delicious sauce. With a nice kick from the capocollo and littered with big chunks of meat, there was no absence of flavour at work here. Overall the food was good for the price. Service was friendly for us. Only thing is we could've used A/C ...felt a little warm.

The Good:
- Well-priced
- Food is pretty solid
- Great place to hang out

The Bad:
- A bit warm w/o A/C (but since it was open in the front, can't see how there could be A/C either)
- Tight seating

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