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Fresh Local Wild

*Cart now closed*

Okay, I'll be honest. I was in no rush to visit Fresh Local Wild. After reading about it in Kim's post, the prices seemed a bit high for a food cart. After all, when we start paying over $10.00 for this type of food, it'd better be damn good. So, despite the fact I was nearby in Downtown, I passed up the opportunity. However, as I was on my way out of the Downtown core, I noticed a tweet that they had a special. Specifically, "any sandwich + fries + drink for $10.00". Right then and there, I went into Chinese mode and thought that was a deal too good to pass up. I hightailed it back across the Cambie Street bridge and luckily found a parking spot a block away on Robson. With Rich Guy manning the car, I made my way to the food cart. Looking over the menu, there are only a few items available such as a Salmon Burger, Po Boy and Venison Burger. Fries and Poutine round it out. Hey, that is good thing, do one thing and do it well. Prices are indeed on the higher side with it maxing out with the Po Boy at $10.00. However, keep in mind that they are Ocean Wise which means that products are sustainable and responsibly harvested.

So once again, my Chineseness took over and since I had the pick of any sandwich, I selected the most expensive one being the Po Boy. With 3 large oysters, this was a decently filling sandwich. I could definitely taste the oysters since the coleslaw topping was quite mild. It did add a nice crunch though. As for the Fries, they didn't look that promising; but ended up to be quite crispy. Looks like they used something like peanut oil here to achieve both the colour and crunchiness. I decided to try these without the "poutine" option since I was not really that hungry.

Finally, the last part of the combo was the Black Currant Soda. I liked how it was not very sweet and some zing was added in the form of lemon. Honestly, the food ain't bad here. In fact, it's pretty good. As mentioned by many others, the pricing is on the steeper side for street food. Sure, that cost is partially attributed to the raw materials - there is nothing one can do about that. Moreover, it's seafood (which is never cheap). For me, the $10.00 special was worth every penny. It is in-line with other food carts in the area. I'm just not sure if everyone out there will be as keen on the regular price of $14.00. If it were a sit down restaurant, I'm sure no one would complain.

The Good:
- Food is pretty solid
- Operators are really cool people
- Ocean Wise is a plus

The Bad:
- Not that it is incredibly expensive; but it costs more than any of the other food carts around
- On the topic of cost, it hits a threshold that many people might not be comfortable with


KimHo said...

Again, I believe there is a disconnect between our (or at least my) concept of street food. $14 is way past a $$$ threshold I have for that concept... :/

Sherman Chan said...

Actually, what I said in my post is I'd gladly pay $10 for all 3 items not $14. So I actually think we agree... Again...

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