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The Cravory

After running around the San Diego Zoo and Seaworld the past few days, it was time to wind down a bit and relax. A visit to La Jolla seemed like a good plan. Since our visit happened to fall on a Sunday, we figured it was a good time to check out the farmer's market at La Jolla Elementary School. As found in most farmer's markets, there was the usual fresh veggies, fruits, baked items and other knick knacks. For me, I was only interested in heading straight to the food stalls. Too bad we had arrived a bit later than we had planned because it was too close to lunch. You see, we had reservations at Nine-Ten already and spoiling our appetite wouldn't have been a good idea. In hindsight, we should've just ate til' our hearts content. What was I thinking? Not eating???

Well, we certainly weren't going to leave the farmer's market empty-handed. Prior to our visit, I had already read up on The Cravory and was thoroughly intrigued by their interesting cookie flavours (which also including an element of savoriness). My kids had no objection to cookies prior to lunch and encouraged me to get more than a few. So I ended up with a half dozen. As for all the cookies, the consistent texture was something between a muffin and a cookie. Beyond the slightly crisp and chewy exterior, the cookie was soft and moist much like a muffin. This was especially true with the Blueberry Muffin where I felt like I was eating a blueberry muffin top. As described, it was a combination of blueberry muffin dough with dried wild Maine blueberries topped with a sugar crust.

However, the one cookie I remembered the most was the Savory Rosemary Balsamic. Consisting of rosemary EVOO dough with rosemary, black pepper, balsamic syrup and a touch of lemon zest mixed in, this was a cookie that had it all. It had so many different elements which resulted in complex flavors that were balanced. Viv and I loved the herbiness mixed in with the sweetness and slight tang/zing/
pepperiness. Due to its attractive red colour, the Red Velvet cookie was my second favorite. It was made up of red velvet dough with Guittard semisweet and white chocolate chips. So in essence, this was a very chocolaty cookie which was moist and delicious.

My son loves sprinkles and when he laid eyes on the Birthday Cake, he would not let me pay without getting him one of them. The white chocolate chips hidden within the vanilla cookie were meant to mock the frosting in between layers of a cake. I don't think my son cared because he was super happy with the colored sprinkles. As much as the Chocolate Chip could be considered a pretty standard cookie, The Cravory takes it to a whole new level with 3 different types of chips including semisweet, bittersweet chocolate chunks and milk chocolate chunks. The last cookie we tried was the Oreo Milkshake consisting of malted milk, malt balls, crushed Oreos and Guittard white chocolate chips. They claim that these are 100x better than cookies and cream. Well, I'm not sure of that, but they were indeed very good. I liked how they were chocolatey while not incredibly sweet. Honestly, I'm not a dessert guy. So for me to rave about gourmet cookies says a lot. I loved the interesting flavor combos and the light texture of the cookies. Definitely a return visit when I'm in San Diego. Heck, I might even order some online.

The Good:
- Not just an ordinary cookie
- Love the soft texture
- Lots of flavour combos

The Bad:
- They're not cheap
- For those who like hard cookies, this may not be their cup of tea

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