Sherman's Food Adventures: Extraordinary Desserts

Extraordinary Desserts

It's no secret that I'm no dessert person. Hey, I do like sweets. I'm just not crazy for them. So for any form of dessert to make me wanna burst into a full-fledged foodgasm, it would have to be something special. Up until now, there has never been an instance of that. Extraordinary Desserts - where have you been all my life? That's right, it had to take a trip to San Diego for me to find my dessert calling. Now I regret that I only ordered one "real" dessert here. I should've pulled a Mijune and tried 3 or 4 by myself! Part of the reason for my limited food intake on this adventure was due to the timing of it. It was on our way back from the Balboa Park after we had already dined on Mexican food from Las Cuatro Milpas. Then we'd need to do an early dinner due to our early flight the next morning.

For these reasons, I only had the Passionfruit Napoleon. Okay, let me set this up for you. As mentioned, I'm not a huge dessert lover. Second, I'm not really a Napoleon fan. But, I thought this dessert was friggin' awesome. I didn't want to stop eating it. I had a full-blown foodgasm.
Between the crisp layers of puff pastry lay a cream filling which was far superior to any I've ever had. It was light and rich at the same time. Light in texture, yet rich in taste. It was sweet while exhibiting a tartness which made me want to eat more and more of it. In fact, I had to fight Viv for the last few bites! It was ever-so-beautifully plated with kiwi coulis on one side and mango-raspberry on the other. A really refreshing take on a Napoleon.

In hindsight, we should've had 2, 3, 4, or even 5 more desserts because it's not like I live in San Diego. So it was with regret that our only other item was a Berry Coffee Cake. And despite not being anywhere as interesting as the Napoleon, it was good in its own right. The cake itself was moist and crumbly with only the slightest of sweetness. Love the tartness of the berry and the sugar butter crumb topping. My daughter devoured this all by herself. Since it was quite a warm day, I tried their Kiwi Lemonade and it was super-refreshing. Lots of tartness mixed in with the sweet beverage. As I write this post, I am still thinking of what might have been. We should of destroyed the menu a la Mijune. Now there is a very good reason I must return to San Diego.

The Good:
- When they named themselves Extraordinary Desserts, they were not kidding
- Delightful atmosphere
- Lots of choice

The Bad:
- Kinda pricey but worth it
- If you come here during peak hours, prepare to wait

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Darina Kopcok. said...

I'm not really a dessert person either. I like them, but I'll take a pile of french fries over a piece of cake any day, but that Napoleon looks to die for, Sherman.

Sherman Chan said...

Agreed, I love fries! But I'd actually eat this Napoleon over them. Shocking!

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