Sherman's Food Adventures: Bronx Pizza

Bronx Pizza

After our first failed attempt at getting some take out from El Zarape, we took the short jaunt over to Bronx Pizza for some slices. Normally, my son loves pizza, so it is usually a safe backup plan. For some odd reason, he wanted a taco instead. A taco? Little did he know, the taco in question was not the type you'd find in a box of Old El Paso. That is probably why after one look at the one we got from El Zarape and he went straight for the pizza. Thank goodness we actually drove over to Bronx Pizza. Situated in a pretty plain looking building, Bronx Pizza (as the name implies) serves up New York-style thin crust pizza. Since we only had the 4 of us and 2 were kids, I only settled on pizza slices rather than a whole pizza. So keep in mind that these were premade pizzas which were reheated in the oven.

From the display, I selected 4 slices of pizza, 2 of which were Cheese. When I was presented with my order, the nice guy at the counter actually threw in a 5th slice of Pepperoni for free. By appearances alone, the pizza was definitely thin; yet not that thin. Therefore, it wasn't necessary to do the "fold" in order to eat it. Would this upset some purist? Possibly. This could've been due to the reheating which crisped up the crust more than it was already. In terms of texture, the crust was crispy from the visit to the oven while still exhibiting that classic chewiness. There was a modest amount of tomato sauce and the right amount of cheese so it didn't overwhelm the thin crust. All-in-all, a good slice of pizza.

I also got a slice of Sausage and Artichoke & Sundried Tomato each and I much preferred the meat pizza over the vegetarian. Personal preference really. Well, also the fact that any pizza with veggies on it normally becomes more soft and this was no exception. I found the sausage to be quite meaty with some peppery notes. I liked that there was lots of it too. In terms of being a NY-style pizza, Bronx comes close. The crust is probably a tad thicker. Yet, it does the job considering it is located in San Diego.

The Good:
- Reasonably-priced
- Crust is pretty good, considering it's San Diego
- Cool dudes work there

The Bad:
- Although good, the crust could be thinner

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McRichard said...

"the crust could be thinner" really? thats the thinnest slice I've seen.

Sherman Chan said...

@McRichard Yup, the pizza is indeed thin and I'm not saying it ain't thin, but compared to my NYC slice I had in NYC, it was thinner

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